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We’ll Never Get The “Ick” For Danny Ray Only ‘Strawberry Kisses’

We’ll Never Get The “Ick” For Danny Ray Only ‘Strawberry Kisses’


Do you know what gives you the “ick?” Is it someone swimming with goggles or watching them chase after a ping pong ball ungracefully? Maybe it was them talking to the bartender about sports the entire date and barely to you (we’re not speaking from personal experience at all). Or perhaps it’s the way that someone drinks from a straw? Whatever it is, once you get the “ick” it can be hard to shake off. “Icks” are not red flags per se but things you’ve witnessed people say or do that them instantly find them unattractive or incompatible with you. “Icks” have no rhyme or reason and could be the thing that makes or breaks a relationship.

Or the thing that you will have to learn to deal with. But, if it is a red flag, make like Maisie Peters and ‘Run’! Instead of letting the “ick” sensation fizzle out, one artist took one glance at the trend, heard the stories, and turned it into inspiration. Danny Ray in ‘Strawberry Kisses’ delivers a funky tale highlighting the woes of the “ick” creeping in, settling, and finding home. No worries though, you won’t get the “ick” for Danny! Danny Ray creatively used users on social media telling him about their “icks” in promotional skits for ‘Strawberry Kisses.’ One of our favorites is the skit he did with “Lily Rose Depp,” he is a funny dude.

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Danny Ray Is Giving Us The Anti-Breakup Song Of The Summer

‘Strawberry Kisses’ is not what you would expect. It’s much better than what we imagined when we got a chance to listen to it for the first time. Hitting play transported us into a land of funky spacey beats and rhythms that gave this song a new life. It’s a groovy disco alternative pop song that is incredibly unique. ‘Strawberry Kisses’ is a song that we envisioned being played in a tv show background as a cut screen pans out.

On the split screen, we see a couple who shouldn’t be together getting ready for a date night. Think red mood lights, leather jackets, and red lipstick type of vibe. Then as they meet up the split screen ends and they drive into the night in a sleek black retro Chevy. Or even ‘Strawberry Kisses’ is a song that you would find in a movie where someone is moving on from a partner but they see them in a low-lit setting like a club. Setting the scene up for temptation as the lyrics “strawberry kisses, oh I guess I miss it” pans out in the background as the partners make eye contact in the strobe lights.

‘Strawberry Kisses’ Is The Song To Play When You’re So Over A Relationship

We, at THP, were letting our minds create the best types of scenarios for this song to be used in. Most importantly, we think that you’d love to have Danny Ray on rotation. He needs to be in your “breakup angst” or “moving on, next” themed playlist. ‘Strawberry Kisses’ is 100% that song that embodies that “ick” phenomenon that we mentioned earlier. Danny Ray leaned in hard with that in his lyrics and his promotional bits for the song, which makes the experience of listening to this fresh hit a million times better.

We’re serious when we say that this song will be your new addiction due to the sound and the lyrics. Danny uses his talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer to create this song that will make you feel okay for being memorable for the flavor of ChapStick you wear.

Notable Glossy Lyrics

Danny Ray takes you through the oh so very fun experience of un-liking someone. The lyrics in ‘Strawberry Kisses’ demonstrates the progression of slowly realizing that you are no longer liking a person. However, Danny takes it a bit further in a fun way. Cleverly with having lyrics that purposefully point out the ways the “ick” begins to slip in.

As a reminder, the “ick” experience can be over anything and everything. It’s subjective and Danny does a great job pushing that narrative. ‘Strawberry Kisses’ shows exactly how it develops and sinks in while also trying to find the one thing to like in the sea of “ugh.” Hence, the strawberry kisses from flavored chapstick. We’ve all been there when we are seriously searching for the one reason to justify the other things screaming no in our heads in an attempt to make it all work out. 99% of the time, it’s not enough!

Now that we’ve said that we can’t leave you hanging without getting a glimpse of what we mean.

“Had no reason to be freezing on a summer’s day”

This gave us a mental picture of that light bulb moment when you realize someone is cold-hearted. It also made us think about how those warm fuzzy feelings towards someone can change from hot to cold.

“All them conversations and you’re still saying my name”

Immediately once we heard this line we knew this was embodying annoyance. The mental rattling annoyance of “oh wow” they are still talking. Have any of you seen Spider Man: Across The Spiderverse? If so think Miguel O’Hara to Miles Morales level of unnerving annoyance. It’s the moment that you are forcing a grin and gripping the seat watching them chew their food; all whilst looking for an exit for the exit in the conversation to bolt out the door.

“Glassy eyes and cheap champagne”

This line is said in such a way that lets us know that this is not a good thing. Usually in a setting where you aren’t getting the ick bright eyes and champagne (regardless of price) would be enjoyed. It would be seen as the ideal date, however, in this case, somewhere in the scene it loses its ambiance. It’s the “ick” when pointing out inattentive eyes and cheap champagne ruining the moment. Yet, as the chorus repeats “strawberry kisses, oh I guess I miss it” there’s at least one good thing balancing out the “ew.”

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Danny Ray The West London Lad Is Gearing Up For His Debut EP

It’s time to get yourself ready to dive into Danny Ray’s creative singer, songwriter, and producer world. Danny likes to be known for his love of walks on the beach, eating dinner by candlelight, and writing songs as we know now about the “ick”, rejection, making like Ed Sheeran with ‘Bad Habits,’ and his primary school teacher. If you haven’t noticed, Danny has jokes.

‘Strawberry Kisses’ is the third single off his upcoming debut EP, A Future Doesn’t Exist. You know what that means? It means you get to jam out to ‘Money Back,’ and ‘Anything For Jennifer‘ along with ‘Strawberry Kisses’ ahead of the release of the EP! Danny Ray is one rising artist with a fresh sound that will make you 10x cooler by listening. Don’t make yourself less cool by not checking him out today.

We’ll Take A Long Walk On The Beach With You Danny

Once you give the groovy Danny Ray a listen let us know how this anti-breakup anthem is helping you get through your recent “icks”. We highly encourage you to give us the tea about any of your “ick” situations. Let us know in the comments below or by finding us on our socials. You’ll find THP on Twitter @thehoneypop, Instagram, Facebook, and Threads!

We can’t wait to see how much you are enjoying this new rising UK artist and how you are enjoying it! Wanting more information on more UK artists or events? We have you covered!


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