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Jump On The Stan Train – 5 Reasons You Should Stan Tate McRae!

Jump On The Stan Train – 5 Reasons You Should Stan Tate McRae!

Tate McRae has been soaring on Cloud 9 since the release of her newest album, I Used To Think I Could Fly. But her journey through the bumpy entertainment world began long before she accumulated 23 million monthly listeners. You may recognize McRae from the popular dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, in which she made it to the final rounds before being cut. Her dancing talent gave her name a place in the spotlight, but she quickly changed the narrative with the release of songs such as ‘you broke me first’ and ‘she’s all i wanna be.’ 

If you’re just beginning to fall into the oh-so-dreamy world of Tate McRae, consider these 5 reasons to join us as a stan! Join us as we explore these 5 stops on the Tate McRae Stan Train! 🚂🎶


The 20-year-old singer projects nothing but honesty and truth throughout her versatile discography. With profound lyrics such as “I’ve been keeping things inside/Taking up space ‘til I got someone/I could open my mind up to,” McRae is giving listeners an honest view into her relationships with both others and herself. Many songwriters struggle to present true honesty within their music, and as McRae’s songwriting enters a new level of maturity, vulnerability takes center stage. 

In her debut album, I Used To Think I Could Fly, McRae honestly expresses her experience dealing with heartbreak, and all the stages that come after that initial sadness 💔. Listeners hear moments of anger and questioning paired with relief and healing. We applaud McRae’s ability to convey such honesty from private events in her life, as it encourages us as stans to embrace vulnerability and honesty in our own tough life moments. 


Hand in hand with McRae’s honesty is her ability to be relatable within her deeply personal lyrics. Given McRae’s age, her lyrics are just that much more relatable to listeners. She dissects what it means to be heartbroken, deeply in love, grieving, and all the trials and tribulations of being a young woman searching for meaning within herself and others. Most of us have gone through at least one or more of these themes, and McRae is able to take her listeners on a journey of all of them effortlessly. 🎧💗

Stanning someone who is your age and is going through similar highs and lows of life, can provide comfort in times of madness. McRae gives a fresh perspective on music and what it means to relate to your favorite artist on a deeper level than just going to a wild party with your besties. She gives us something to come back to each time we experience a new level of growing up and being in our early 20s. Eventually, these themes will change as she and her listeners grow up, but we always know that Tate will be here for us! 


We are over halfway done with our journey on the Tate McRae Stan Train! Our third stop is versatility – something we know Tate is a pro at! 
The singer gained initial popularity in the entertainment scene when she was the first Canadian finalist on, So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation (Season 13). Here her incredible dancing skills were showcased, but viewers had yet to see the beautiful voice hidden behind the dance moves. 🩰

McRae’s versatility on and off the stage gives her the makings of a true performer. Her live shows feature singing and dancing from the artist herself, as well as occasional backup performers that further enhance the magic of a McRae concert!

An artist’s ability to engage a live crowd, no matter how big or small, can make or break their career as a performer. At just 20 years old, McRae can bring multiple professions to her fans and dazzle them with every song ⭐. As true stans, we know to bring our dancing shoes, as there will never be a dull moment on the Tate McRae Stan Train! 

Stop 04 STYLE

The entertainment world is slowly being infiltrated by fashion’s newest trends, and Tate McRae is forging her own path, already receiving glowing reviews. Her ability to command the dance, music, and fashion world has us in a chokehold! 
A mixture of sporty, girly, and street, McRae is consistently feeding us fresh looks. 👡👜

She gave us a sporty yet designer chic two-piece during Lollapalooza (2021) and turned it around dressed sophisticated businesswoman with an edgy spirit on the carpet at iHeartRadio Wango Tango (June 2022). It’s quite clear that McRae isn’t afraid to embrace her femininity but also challenges traditional notions of what youthful fashion should look like. As McRae grows into herself through her musical art, she’s beginning to flourish in the fashion scene, appealing to fans from many walks of life. 

As a stan of Tate, you’ll have lots of media to chew up! If you lean more toward the fashion world rather than the music scene, you’ll still be able to join us stans as we celebrate everything there is to love about Tate!

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The final reason you should join us on the Tate McRae Stan Train is the most important one yet. An artist’s ability to interact with and maintain a solid fanbase (or stan base!) can make or break their career and their trust in online spaces. However, it’s no secret that McRae adores her fans and is building a reputation of kindness and graciousness towards them online 💛. 

McRae successfully utilizes the popularity of her 4.6 million following on TikTok 📲. The Gen Z artist not only consistently follows trends and interacts with fans online, but also often debuts snippets of upcoming singles or new releases. Her popular radio release, ‘she’s all I wanna be,’ was first teased on TikTok in late 2021 with a quick 13.3 million views and 30,000 comments. Most recently, she has been posting brand new snippets of an unreleased and untitled song with teasing captions such as “Oh s*** u guys want this one?”. Snippets such as these average 1 million views, with fans rushing to the comments to demand the song be released ASAP. We can only hope she will drop this new single soon! 

With only one album released thus far, McRae has managed to build a loyal fanbase who are more than eager to hear unreleased music. Her stans honor her ability to be uniquely herself in every interaction, on and off social media. Learn more about Tate and her relationship with her supporters in our exclusive interview.

The 20-year-old singer, songwriter, fashionista, and social media star may have you deep in your feels, but bouncing off the walls, ready for revenge again with just the flip of one song. Being a stan of Tate McRae means relatable and fun pop music, and someone to look up to every step of young adulthood. She’s just getting started, and we invite you to join us on the Tate Mcrae Stan Train! 

Let us know why you stan Tate McRae on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to check out McRae’s newest set of tour dates beginning September 5, 2023.


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