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Which Supermarket Aisle Would One Find Tinashe’s Grocery List ‘Needs’ In?

Which Supermarket Aisle Would One Find Tinashe’s Grocery List ‘Needs’ In?

By the lo-fi-styled acoustics of ‘Needs’ loitering through the speaker system, one would already be onto Tinashe’s takeover of a suburban grocery store. It’s happening while we’re in the middle of an aisle, by the way. Drinks that, if we squint hard enough, showcase packaging with fruits and can be slotted as juices are on the left. Whereas sweet tooths are migrating to the right with the candy. We’re sticking roughly in the middle as the camera sweeps up. What would previously say Walmart mounts with an etching of a halo, a nod to her upcoming album’s title: BB/ANG3L. It’s, of course, an ode to her spiritual background and her last project, 333, which is an angel number. Then, we know there’s no “heading down to the shops” unless a late-night dance routine can feed your appetite.

Tinashe shows up in that next minute with the sort of confident grin one can only etch up after ticking off a childhood goal: staying at a store after hours. However, this isn’t the only time she’s served an edible tour. If you roam YouTube, there’s an inside-your-fridge segment with Fuse where she makes it known that she isn’t one for kale. She is, however, a foodie. With a capital F and a donut hanging from the letter, too, as there are other videos where she talks about chips, soul snacks, and even bakes a pizza! So if she’s taking over the grocery market, we might as well stock our trolleys with her favorite ‘Needs.’ 

The Cereal Aisle

In a switch-up, the first aisle that Tinashe and her dance crew visit is the cereal aisle. This makes sense, seeing as it’s the first meal one consumes at the start of every day. “Breakfast of Champions,” as the Aussie cereal Weet-Bix slogan says. However, while her dancers are in darker shades, Tinashe stands out in this one, dressed in green. We don’t mean any ordinary shade of green, either. Rather, if someone threw her lettuce for a color comparison, then it would blend into the fabric effortlessly. The skirt also has ruffles for a layering effect. If it wasn’t enough to make a vegetable comparison, they’re soon drifting off to the fruit and vedge. But we’re talking about cereal now, so we’re staying here.

As for the first product we’re throwing into our grocery cart, we’re looking for Cheerios. In a Twitter Q&A dated 2013, Tinashe listed the cereal as her favorite. 

The Deli

In a continuation of food-celebrated fits, this next one is deli inspired. Though we’ll reveal it soon (we say that, but we’re sure you’ve already seen the MV, right?), the set design is first stealing our attention. Since the lightning is darker here than the bulb lights, brightening up the other shots, it allows the reds of the salami and the parsley greens to pop. As for Tinashe herself, she’s centered, as those products are around her or on her. Slices of ham act as bikinis! Otherwise, she lies nude (this is her grocery store takeover, so there are no acts of health violation). 

We’ve already briefly mentioned the Fuse video. You might not know that throughout the segment, a meal containing meat continuously pops up: tacos. Not only does she have taco leftovers from a previous night, but she also has additional shells needed for the recipe. So while we’re in the deli section, we’ll be stocking up on other meats to fill up its shell. 


Watching the checkout clerk swipe our Tinashe-inspired items wouldn’t be boring. She’s also wearing white and lime green boots that we’d be sneaking into our closets if the BB/ANG3L grocery store had a clothing section. Tinashe’s other dancers join her; it’s just that they’re standing on the other registers. Since she’s at the first one, there’s even a point when it spirals into a spunky domino-effect choreography. If you thought she gave us the VIP treatment by making us the day’s last customer, think again. With as much sass as one could provide (maybe we were caught cheekily walking out with unbought items), she sends us off. Her hands are blocked together, and there’s also a circle of head movement before she waltzes off. She’s ready to greet her next customer in their ‘Needs’ siesta.

Say the security light didn’t flash red, though. There are usually other tempting snacks waiting for us at the checkout—chips, for example. In a segment for First We Feast, Tinashe tries those crinkled delectables. They’ve put her into training mode as a chip connoisseur, as each flavor comes from a different country. There’s a river snail blaze that’s not a Paris delicacy. Then there are Canada’s ketchup Cheetos and hot chili squid Lays from Thailand. However, she’s set aside a 10/10 for her homegrown classic Lays. 

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Come Again Next Time!

There’s a quick survey before leaving the BB/ANG3L grocery store and piling Tinashe’s favorite foods into your car! We mean one of those leaflets that the cashiers usually hand out, asking for feedback. What was your favorite part of the ‘Needs’ music video? Was it the choreography by Nina McNeely or Yasi Guilani’s styled outfits? In the name of further credits, Sammy Rawal is the director. Let us know on our Twitter @thehoneypop!

Although there’s no release date yet for Tinashe’s album, there’s an expectation of it coming out in September. Which is next month, by the way, for those who forever remain asking others, “What’s the date?” You can find our article covering its first single, ‘Talk To Me Nice,’ on our Facebook page and other R&B tunes on our Instagram.  


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