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5 laye Songs To Get You Hyped For Her losers EP

5 laye Songs To Get You Hyped For Her losers EP


That’s right, honey! Our favorite gloomy alt-pop princess is blessing us with more music! Not only has laye just released her new single, ‘you’re my achilles heel,’ but she’s also announced her new EP, losers, which comes out September 22nd!

And that means it’s time to get ready. What better way to hype ourselves up for losers than to blast some of our favorite songs from laye at full volume? We’re turning our speakers up as we speak!

Without further ado, let’s get ready for the losers EP and grace our ears with these five laye songs! All aboard the hype hive!

’you’re my achilles heel’

laye never fails to impress us with her immense musical talents, and her new single, ‘you’re my achilles heel,’ has us in awe. It’s a gorgeous alt-pop anthem that navigates how tricky it can be to be in love with someone who has toxic traits. This song is also from laye’s losers EP and gets us hyped to hear more.


We love songs about self-worth and self-confidence. ‘sicker’ — which features on laye’s lonesome album from 2019 — is a powerful anthem about being a work-in-progress and not needing others’ validation in your life choices. Focus on yourself and be the best version of yourself that you can be! Because you’re the most important person in your life.


We were obsessed the first time we heard ‘unhappier’ by laye, and we’re still obsessed! It’s one of our favorite laye songs and another that’ll feature on her upcoming losers EP! ‘unhappier’ is a breakup anthem for all those stuck in that tricky in-between of both loving and hating their ex. We love this track so much!

’milk n honey’

This track is another one from laye’s lonesome album. And let us tell you that this is an absolute gem from the album! Not only is ‘milk n honey’ catchy with its rhythm, but laye’s voice in this one is also addictively smooth and a true caress to our ears. Even when love and life get tricky, it’s all ‘milk n honey,’ honey!


Breakup songs are a guilty pleasure in this hive, and ‘blue’ is no exception! ‘blue’ is another song from laye that’ll feature on her upcoming losers EP. It’s a breakup anthem about reflecting on a past relationship and realizing you may not have been the best version of yourself. This is such a relatable bop!

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Are you as hyped as we are? Because these laye songs have really got us hyped for losers! But this hype hive isn’t done quite yet. Let’s build the hype a little more with the track list for laye’s losers EP below! Aren’t we just a bunch of lucky bees today?

  1. ‘i saw god’
  2. ’you’re my achilles heel’
  3. ’sunday scaries’
  4. ’touching myself’
  5. ’my last cigarette’
  6. ’blue’
  7. ’unhappier’
  8. ’backseat driver’

Which of these laye songs are you adding to your playlist? And are you excited for her losers EP? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram.


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