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The Paper Kites At The Roadhouse Lets Us Live Different Lives

The Paper Kites At The Roadhouse Lets Us Live Different Lives

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Love a unique genre combo as much as we do? Well then, we’ve got a treat for you! Meet The Paper Kites, an Australian indie rock/folk band! After releasing five studio albums and two EPs, The Paper Kites released their sixth studio album, At the Roadhouse – the perfect album, just in time for Fall! The songs revolve around walking down the paths of love, loss, acceptance, and wanderlust.

With all the different themes, we couldn’t help but picture ourselves on these different paths and different lives that we lived while listening to the album; lives that coincide perfectly with the nostalgia of summer and the joy of the upcoming Fall. Explore the vibes of the music, as we deep dive into these different lives together!

Picture of The Paper Kites. Image credits: Nick McKinlay
Image credits: Nick McKinlay

‘Midnight Moon,’ ‘Till the Flame Turns Blue,’ and ‘Green Valleys’

Midnight Moon,’ ‘Till the Flame Turns Blue,’ and ‘Green Valleys‘ are the perfect songs, and we mean perfect, if you want to imagine living your cottage core life. Particularly, we saw ourselves leaving to go live peacefully in the middle of the woods, dancing in a dress near a stream in a field of flowers.

‘Black & Thunder’ and ‘June’s Stolen Car’

Now ‘Black & Thunder‘ and ‘June’s Stolen Car‘ fit the main character witnessing the main love interest who is cool, popular, wearing a leather jacket, with gelled hair in a 90s or early 2000s movie. So you know, if you want to feel like the main character in such a movie, one of these songs is your go-to. Gosh, we could see the main male character dancing and singing this on a stage (if the movie was a musical), trying to flirt with the main character.


Want to feel like you’re the main character who is crying because someone you love is moving away or leaving? ‘Marrieta‘ is the song for you! It has the exact music and lyrics to truly make you live through that experience.

‘Rolling on Easy’

One of our favs from this album! While giving the feel of living in the countryside, ‘Rolling on Easy‘ also makes us feel like we are slow dancing with our love in a romantic dimly lit area where other people are present but it feels like you’re the only two people in the world.

‘Hurts so Good’

This song… Now this song gives the vibes of Twilight. It makes us want to sit next to a window, knees up to our chest and head resting on the window, and watch the rain while feeling melancholic. We do not know what more to say about ‘Hurts so Good.’

‘Good Nights Gone’ and ‘The Sweet Sound of You’

Don’t kill us for this but, have you recently had your heart broken and want to romanticize it a bit by pretending to be the main character of a movie? ‘Good Nights Gone‘ and ‘The Sweet Sound of You‘ are the songs to listen to. We felt like we were sitting in a cafe alone in fall or winter as we people-watched (mostly couples), feeling sad and missing the good nights that were gone, those filled with the sweet sounds of our ex.

‘Burn the Night Away’

Want to feel like the main character who is emotionally exhausted and just craving the feeling of someone loving them? Play ‘Burn the Night Away‘ on repeat!

‘Maria, It’s Time’

Okay, this one is a bit sad in a “wow-is-this-really-reality” kind of way. ‘Maria, It’s Time‘ is the song for the the main character in a montage where you have started to live the adult life, just graduated, and realize that you’re so tired of how things are going.

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‘I Don’t Want To Go That Way’

It’s giving the main character who is crying themselves to dehydration on their bed in the dark. Love the melancholy? This one is for you! We can’t further elaborate because that is what ‘I Don’t Want to Go That Way‘ will make you imagine.

‘Pocket Full of Rain’

A happy song! Yay!!! ‘Pocket Full of Rain‘ is just so sweet. We were strolling with our love in the rain, happy and so in love as we listen to this song.

‘Mercy’ and ‘Darkness at My Door’

We know… What song titles to end on. But we promise ‘Mercy‘ and ‘Darkness at My Door‘ won’t make you live a dark life! These songs give the vibe of that one scene where the main character is sitting at the bar, drink in hand, content and alone, as they watch and listen to the performer on the small make-shift stage perform this slow, vibey music. We told you it won’t be a dark note to end on!

But what is your favorite song from The Paper Kites’ At the Roadhouse? Do you imagine a different life while listening to one of the songs in At the Roadhouse? Let us know in the comments below or over on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter at @thehoneypop!


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