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5 Julia Michaels Songs You Need For Your Playlist

5 Julia Michaels Songs You Need For Your Playlist

Have you heard every song in your playlist so many times that the lyrics are engraved in your brain? We’ve all been there. It’s time to refresh your playlist. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled five of our fave Julia Michaels’ songs to fix all of your playlist ‘Issues’ (get it?). Let’s jump in!

‘Lie Like This’

Is it too early in the article to talk about how Julia created pop perfection? Well, she most definitely did, and ‘Lie Like This’ is proof. Being afraid of vulnerability has never sounded this good. 

Backed by a fun pop track. Julia expresses how hard it is not to admit the truth about her feelings when she’s with her partner. They don’t fail to mention their admiration for her. “He says I’m pretty upside down, pretty right side up, too” and despite the title, he seems to mean it.


Thinking about your first love? Feeling nostalgic about your teen years? Just wishing love was simple? This is the track for you. 

Even as she creates a list of things to do. Michaels comes back to one question repeatedly throughout the song, “Can we stay in this dream like we are 17?” Don’t worry Julia, after listening to this song. We definitely want to stay in the whimsical teenage dream you created.

‘In A Perfect World’

You might want your tissues for this one. In what might be the collaboration of the year with Dean Lewis, Julia has created yet another lyrical masterpiece.

Together, the two tell a story of what a relationship could be, if not for insecurities. Julia sings, “You’re so scared of regretting something before you can even regret it.”

Is anyone else feeling called out? Either way, the song resolves with, “When you ask me if I love you, I say, I do. I’m not running from my problems, and I’m not running from you.” So we can all have hope for our own happy ending.

‘All Your Exes’

Are you the jealous type? It’s okay; you can admit it. Julia sure did. The track starts acoustically with the lyrics, “I know where you’ve been, what you’ve done. Who you loved is a part of who you are” before that heavy bass line comes in. She follows: “I want to live in a world where all your exes are dead.” One thing we love about Julia? She’s not afraid to be honest.

Despite the brutal words toward her partner’s exes, it’s a really sweet song. Julia just wants to live in a world where her partner has been waiting to fall for her.

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‘If You Need Me’

Inspired by the Facebook Watch series Sorry For Your Loss, Julia once again gifted us with a beautiful, bittersweet tune. Whether you’re seeking comfort or a cry, this song will always be here. 

This is the perfect anthem for those of us with friends we can’t physically be with. Seeing as we’re all stans here, this might be the most relatable song ever. 

Julia says, “When you’re dreaming, all your nightmares. I’ll come tackle the monsters.” What says love, like defending someone in a nonphysical world?

We could give you reasons to listen to Julia’s entire discography, but we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself. Already one of Julia’s gems? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know if we missed one of your favorites!


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