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INTERVIEW: ‘Good Luck’ Getting Megan Knight’s New Single Out Of Your Head

INTERVIEW: ‘Good Luck’ Getting Megan Knight’s New Single Out Of Your Head

Listen up, Honeybees! We’ve got the best new addition to your playlist. If you’re feeling a little bit country and a little bit pop – then we guarantee you’ll love ‘Good Luck’ by Megan Knight. All about moving on and going after the happiness you deserve, ‘Good Luck’ is the feel-good, confidence anthem we need! We talked to Megan about the single, her songwriting, and where her love for music all began.

‘Good Luck’ – Megan Knight

Don’t ever settle in life. If you’re ever in a relationship where you feel you’re not being treated right, simply tell them ‘Good Luck’ and have them get a move on with their life

Megan Knight

If you could introduce yourself to new listeners in three words, what would they be?
Honest, strong, and empowering.

Your first EP was released over ten years ago! How do you feel you’ve grown in that time, both personally and professionally?
Wow, it’s insane how fast time is going by. I have grown into an entirely different human, I feel like. When I did my first EP, I was around 13 years old, so my voice has matured a lot since then. I think you can definitely feel it in my soul as well. I had no idea what I wanted musically at the start, I was just beginning to find myself so a lot has changed professionally.

During the making of my first EP, it felt like a college course or something about how this music business works and also how the studio even works. I was absorbing everything like a sponge. Now, after much experience and mentorship, I am very clear on exactly what I am looking for, who I am, how to explain my ideas, and how to execute them. My first EP I didn’t produce I just wrote the songs and sat back, now I co-produce each track.

As a songwriter, how do you consistently push yourself when creating new music?
I am sure to keep experimenting with new sounds and different mixtures of genres to keep pushing boundaries.

What inspired you when writing ‘Good Luck’ and how do you hope it resonates with audiences?
‘Good Luck’ is a feel-good anthem to motivate you to leave toxic relationships. I’ve seen a lot of my friends stay in relationships with people they didn’t feel valued by. They felt unseen, unloved, and as if their partner was always on the prowl for something better. Don’t ever settle with that type of person, tell them ‘Good Luck’ and let them get a move on without you. Trust me, it’s for the better. I hope this track inspires people to make their lives the best they can possibly be and get rid of attachments to people that are no good for them.

We’ve seen a lot of your incredible covers online. Which one has been your favorite to record?
Thank you so much for watching, I’m so glad you like them. I would say ‘Running Up That Hill.’ I co-produced that cover with a good friend of mine, Mavericc, who’s an insane talent. Very blessed that he’s featured on the track as well.

‘Running Up That Hill’ – Megan Knight ft. Mavericc

If it’s meant to be, let it flow towards you in a good way. Don’t try to manipulate the situations, see things for what they are and without rose-colored glasses.

Megan Knight

What’s the best piece of relationship advice you’ve ever received that you can share?
The best piece of relationship advice I ever received was not specifically about relationships but it applies to them. There’s actually a Universal Law called ‘The Law of Detachment.’ “It’s the idea that in order to manifest our desires we have to release ourselves from the attachment to an outcome.” I’ve applied this to every aspect of my life. I no longer force or worry about anything. I flow.

Going deeper into how this law applies to relationships… “When you let go in this manner, you no longer feel the compulsion to obsess over every detail when it comes to love and relationships.” If your partner is meant to be your long-term soulmate and who you’re meant to stay with, it will flow. Regardless of small bumps in the road, there will always be love and any conflict is talked through with grace, not in a manner where you’re degrading each other through an issue. Flow and see what happens. If it’s bad, let the person go.

You’ve beautifully blended together pop and country, creating music for everyone. What artists have helped to influence your style?
Thank you! I would say Morgan Wallen, Maren Morris, and Hardy.

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With ‘Good Luck’ in mind, we have to know: Do you have any lucky charms that bring you good vibes?
Haha, I was a crystal girly for a while until I realized they were sucking up all the energy in the room, amplifying it and giving me panic attacks. I no longer use crystals on stage. Maybe I can try them out for a writing session though, I never thought of trying that.

You have a real knack for storytelling, not just in your lyrics but in your visuals as well. How do you generate ideas for your music videos? Any secrets planned for ‘Good Luck’ you can spill?
I honestly close my eyes and can see it all. My imagination is very vivid and it’s constantly running. I don’t really control it, the ideas just come to me, and it feels very otherworldly. I know we’re planning to shoot a few videos for TikTok for ‘Good Luck,’ but sadly, a fully produced video wasn’t in the budget this time around.

What are you excited about most for this new chapter of music?
What I’m most excited about for this next chapter is healing more people through my art which is what I always try to do. I am also excited to get some new live sessions recorded in the studio. We’re going to do acoustic live stripped-down versions of all these new singles that I’ve been releasing lately. I also am playing a lot of shows.

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