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4 BLACKPINK Songs You Need On Your Confidence Boost Playlist

4 BLACKPINK Songs You Need On Your Confidence Boost Playlist

Feeling down on yourself lately? Need to feel like a girl boss for a bit? Just want some amazing song recs to freshen up your playlist? Don’t worry, we’ve got you —but to be more accurate, BLACKPINK have got you. JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA seriously have a song for every mood, and one of the most extensive moods in their catalog just happens to be that confident, energetic vibe we all need on bad days! Get your music library open, because you’ll want to add these immediately


If there’s anything skeptics have learned over the years, it’s to not mess with ‘THE GIRLS’ of BLACKPINK! And ‘THE GIRLS’ might have technically been made for THE GAME, but we think it was really made for those days when you just wanna sing and dance around in front of your mirror while getting ready. It’s impossible to feel down on yourself when you’re singing along with this song — it’s all about BLACKPINK’s power and the success they’ve found over the years, and it’s bound to inspire you to celebrate your own wins. This is the ultimate girl power and self-love anthem, so it’s a natural inclusion on this list!

“Stop sign, we’re burning it down
Better watch out, we coming in loud…”

‘How You Like That’

If we had to describe ‘How You Like That’ in one word, it’d be “mesmerizing,” with “empowering” being a close runner-up. There’s really nothing quite like accomplishing a goal and instantly running to blast this song and sing along with “how you like that? Look at you, now look at me!” It gives us such an adrenaline rush that simply can’t be topped. BLACKPINK truly made history on this one and we don’t like it, we love it.

“In this dark place again, I’mma light up the sky
I look in your eyes and I’ll kiss you goodbye…”

‘Typa Girl’

There’s a reason ‘Typa Girl’ has been a fan favorite since BORN PINK came out — it’s the ultimate statement on BLACKPINK’s confidence and sassy energy! Every lyric is so entrancing and powerful, and the message is so infectious that you’ll be feeling like that ‘Typa Girl’ too by the end of the song. Whether you’re working towards that unbothered goddess vibe to impress a crush or to level up your view of yourself, this track needs to be in your rotation.

“I’m the typa girl to make you forget that you’ve got a type
Type to make you love me when the only thing you’ve done is like…”


Yeah, it’s been years since BLACKPINK gave us this iconic flip of Wonder Girls’ ‘So Hot,’ but can you really blame us for still having it on repeat? It’s such a mood booster and singing along will definitely up your confidence. Each of the girls brings such a unique, refreshing energy to the song, putting their own fun spin on a K-Pop classic and reminding us just how fiery they can be when it comes to their ambition and goals.

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“Been living it big, your crib could fit in my crib
Pretty as shh…”

Which of these songs gives you the biggest mood boost? Have BLACKPINK inspired you to work on self-love? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

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