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We ‘Just Love’ Joshua Bassett And His New Single!

We ‘Just Love’ Joshua Bassett And His New Single!

We have to warn you this song is probably one of the most emotional songs that Joshua Bassett has released. It has quite literally reshaped the way we will live our lives from now on. We here at The Honey POP are new people, and it is because of the new song ‘Just Love.’

🛑Content Warning: This article will address themes of violence, drugs, suicide, and things of that nature. We strongly advise that you read with caution!🛑

This Music Video Is Actually Sob-Inducing

This is one of the most beautiful videos we’ve seen all year. We had to pause about four times throughout it to catch our breath and wipe our tears. The song itself told us that this would be gut-wrenching, but nothing could prepare us for the significance of this video.

At the beginning of the clip, which Joshua Bassett directed, we’re met with a little boy and his arguing parents. Immediate tears, and it doesn’t stop there. The video follows two other boys, one at a party and one at the end of his rope. As we watched all three of their stories unfold, our hearts broke for them and our younger selves.

Throughout the video, we see several other people: an LGBTQIA+ couple, a pair of homeless people, and Joshua Bassett. During the worst points in each of the boys’ stories, Joshua steps in, guiding the three of them and the other video members to a place where they can all be happy. The video ends with everyone singing and enjoying the love of each other.

Haven’t seen this masterpiece yet? Here it is!

This Song Will Be In Our Hearts Forever

Joshua Bassett has always made songs that we here at The Honey POP love and cling to, and this one is no different. ‘Just Love’ is such an emotional track that we don’t actually know how to handle it. The lyrics are mind-blowing, to say the least. Each verse takes us deeper into the music, and that’s what we call magic.

The lyrics, the meaning, the sound, everything about this song is actually breathtaking. We’ll be listening to this song for the rest of our lives, and we’re proud of it. The feeling we get when we hear a new Joshua Bassett song is entirely unmatched. ‘Just Love’ is in our Top 10 for 2023 tracks because this song gave our younger selves the hug they’ve always needed.

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This is for our younger selves, for those of us who have suffered, experienced abuse, struggled with depression, addiction, felt pain and caused it. It’s a message of hope, that there is healing, and the only way forward is to reconcile, forgive, and choose love.

Joshua Bassett on ‘Just Love’

Joshua Bassett and all of us here at The Honey POP want you to know that you are loved, no matter what situation you find yourself in! We see you, we hear you, and we are here for you! The message in this song is one everyone should hear: we should all ‘Just Love!’

Have you heard this powerful song yet? What did you think about the ‘Just Love’ music video? What do you think is next for Joshua Bassett and his beautiful voice? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! You can also find us on Discord, where the fangirling really goes down!


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