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Joshua Bassett, We Are Going To Take Your Privileges Away. We Can’t Keep Up!

Joshua Bassett, We Are Going To Take Your Privileges Away. We Can’t Keep Up!

Don’t be discouraged by the title because we’re very excited about all of the music dropping! We simply just can’t keep up with all the new releases. First, ‘would you love me now?’ and ‘SHE SAID HE SAID SHE SAID,’ and now Joshua Bassett is hitting us again with ‘i’m sorry’ and ‘Different.’

How on earth are we supposed to cope with these tracks dropping weekly? The answer to that is taking a deep breath, and then screaming into a pillow. So now that we’ve done that, let’s talk about the torture that Joshua Bassett has put us through in the last four weeks.

‘i’m sorry’

Well, Joshua, you should be sorry. You have ripped us to pieces yet again. We are this close to texting our exes because of this song. You’ve created World War Bee in The Honey POP HQ. We’re all just sitting here jumping on each other, trying to keep all of our phones out of reach. You did this to us. We need an apology! 

The simplicity of the guitar layered with his beautiful voice has us hooked. The lyrics are sung so softly, yet they’re hitting us like a truck. We will be lying on the floor sobbing for the foreseeable future, and you guys will just have to deal with us. Don’t expect an apology from us, because it’s all Joshua’s fault!


Joshua Taylor Bassett, we need to discuss your complete disregard for our feelings with this next track. Our therapist will be hearing about you, sir. All jokes (they’re not jokes.) aside, we are obsessed with this song. It sounds so comforting, like a breath of fresh air. We’ve deemed this song a Sad Girl Autumn bop!

The falsetto in this song deserves a standing ovation! Joshua has such control of his voice when he sings; it’s absolutely show-stopping. We’re determined to get this song topping charts like yesterday. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we’re glad we dove right in. ‘Different’ is definitely worth dedicating our entire lives to.

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Does This Mean Joshua Bassett Will Be Taking A Break?

As we’re writing this, there’s no current release hanging over our heads. We’re not entirely sure if that means Joshua will spare our feelings a week or two, but we will say we’re kinda missing him already. Maybe we’re getting a new album soon! Or maybe, Joshua Bassett has been reading our articles and has decided to give us a break!

Have you heard of Joshua’s month of mayhem releases? Which of the four was your favorite? Which song made you cry the hardest? Let us know in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! We love hearing your feedback! Us fans gotta stick together, so you can also join us on our Discord server!


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