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Joshua Bassett Is An Artist We Can Simply Never Get Enough Of

Joshua Bassett Is An Artist We Can Simply Never Get Enough Of

We’ve been super fans of Joshua Bassett since we first saw him in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and have supported his music career outside of the show ever since it kickstarted. We truly believe he’s an artist we’re going to be talking about in 10 years on the level of someone like Ed Sheeran. He’s got the voice, he’s got the vulnerability that is so rare and pure, and he’s got the fan support. While we’re here at home anxiously awaiting the third season of HSMTMTS, we have three new Joshua Bassett songs to dissect!

Let’s get right on to it!

Stream the new Joshua Bassett tracks here!


Just a little PSA, we are not going to speculate about this track being about anyone, if you’re looking for drama or anything other than just appreciating the artist Joshua Bassett is, look elsewhere!

‘Crisis’ is three minutes and eight seconds of some of the absolute best song-writing we’ve heard in recent memory. Something we’ve come to appreciate the most about Joshua Bassett, especially with these three droplets, is how much he’s opening up to his audience. He’s sharing his story, and not concerning himself with only sharing the highlight reel. It makes us as the audience feel closer to him and makes it so incredibly easy to relate to. When you think about it, we all can be a bit of a ‘Crisis.’


We didn’t want to pick a favorite of the three, but we’ll admit, it’s ‘Secret.’

This is exactly the sound we want from Joshua Bassett, this is pure excellence. A lot of people sleep on Joshua due to Disney roots, but we’ve had more than enough proof in the past that some of the most talented musicians of our time reign from the house of mouse! Just look at Demi, Selena, Miley, the list is endless. Anyone who needs further convincing that Joshua Bassett is here to stay as a permanent fixture in music just needs to turn on ‘Secret.’

‘Set Me Free’

Mental Health is a really serious thing, and we feel like Joshua Bassett perfectly tackles what a struggle it’s been for him in ‘Set Me Free.’ He perfectly sums up what we’ve all been feeling with the line “It’s been a fu**in’ year.” We have a feeling we will be playing this song on repeat as we go through the ups and downs that come with the holidays and seasonal depression.

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