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Growing Up: A Dear Guide About Youth, Crafted By Claire Rosinkranz’s Just Because

Growing Up: A Dear Guide About Youth, Crafted By Claire Rosinkranz’s Just Because

Good things come to those who wait, and we’re so happy to announce that our wait to listen to Claire Rosinkranz’s new album is finally over! Just Because has arrived, and it’s taking place as our life-long musical pick-me-up as we try to navigate our youth. We’ve never been more excited to enjoy a debut project on repeat! Claire has put her soul onto this album, and so many bits and pieces from it completely blow our minds. We need everyone to tune into Just Because because it’s one of our favorite albums ever!

We’ve related to so many lyrics from this album, and we’re so thankful that Claire has allowed us to enjoy a safe space with her new music. We’re sure you will be able to relate your feelings and past experiences to the tunes from this record. Let’s go through Just Because together and dive through Claire’s incredible guide to survive this complicated but fun world!

‘123:’ For Those That Don’t Want A Knight In Shining Armor

We’re starting our heavenly journey through Just Because with a banger! ‘123’ is a perfect opening track, as it’s not only extremely catchy, but it also has so many iconic verses. This song tells us a great story from beginning to end by starting off with feeling like something could happen romantically but then realizing that it would be just too much of a laugh. Claire wants to make clear that we don’t need anyone in our lives who “tries” to fix us.

We can guarantee you will sing along to Claire’s intro, especially with her “And by the way you’re a shitty dancer” line!

‘Sad in Hawaii:’ For Those That Can’t Completely Enjoy A Great Moment

Have you ever gone on vacation, but instead of feeling bright and happy, you’re anxious and ready to return home? You’re supposed to be having the time of your life! What’s going on?

Here’s a reality check that not everyone understands: You can definitely feel under the weather, even when you’re in paradise trying to disconnect from the real world. You can feel overwhelmed in your summer holiday. If you’ve ever felt like you weren’t at your 100% during your trips, you will relate to Claire’s lyrics in ‘Sad in Hawaii.’ Being surrounded by sunshine doesn’t mean you can’t sometimes embrace your most vulnerable feelings!

‘Never Goes Away:’ For Those That Want To Call Someone Out

Some people deserve to be called out for the hurtful things they’ve said in the past, so Claire is keeping it straight on this track: be careful before you speak because you never know how much of an impact your words can have on people. ‘Never Goes Away’ kills all negativity with vibey instrumentals and honest lyrics, like “your words come out like glue, like gum gets stuck on shoe,” that you will love to send to someone who has annoyed you or your loved ones. Remember that you will never be able to take back what you’ve said out loud!

‘Dreamer:’ For Those That Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Ready to levitate? ‘Dreamer’ will literally make you feel like you’re in heaven with Claire’s vocals and the track’s incredible production!

Love is complicated, and we sometimes have the ideal person who can compliment us right in front of our eyes, but life can get in the way, and we have to run from those fairytale feelings. There’s something that makes us unable to commit to a serious relationship, but we’re having fun with them, though! We will treasure those moments forever! How can we break someone’s heart without hurting them? We will say that they’re dreamers while we’re thinkers!

‘Swinging at the Stars:’ For Those That Adore Their Nightscapades

‘Swinging at the Stars’ allows us to create our best ideas for some incredible summer-y dates. Who wouldn’t love to hug the person they love the most under the night sky? Claire has created the most romantic track ever! The lyrics make us feel all cozy and ready to dream about spending unforgettable nightscapades with this breezy little tune. What do we have to do to add this song to every rom-com ever? We’re already picturing our favorite fictional couples having the time of their lives while ‘Swinging at the Stars’ is playing!

‘Screw Time:’ For Those That Want To Stop Time

We’ve already talked about how obsessed we are with ‘Screw Time’ in this hive, and we will keep praising it until the end of time (pun intended, because this song is about the complete opposite). We’ve all wanted to have a remote and pause our lives for a moment, never to end the happiness and fun we’re currently enjoying. Claire managed to do her magic once again with this track. It makes so much sense that this single is included in the Just Because collection. How does this girl know exactly what’s going on in our heads? She just gets us!

‘Gum:’ For Those That Don’t Want To Forget Their Warmest Memories

We always associate people with specific places and things, and feeling like those memories are slowly fading away is exactly how your ‘Gum’ flavor fades away as you keep chewing. As Claire says in this song, if you transport yourself to those specific moments, you might feel a temporary high. Still, eventually, those will also evaporate, leaving you with a sour aftertaste that you will throw into a trash can, just like old gum. We love these unique comparisons that are made throughout the whole song!

‘Wes Anderson:’ For Those That Are Trying To Bounce Back From Their Heartbreaks

‘Wes Anderson’ is such a bop! Claire’s latest single has been on top of our playlists, keeping us hyped until the release of the entire album. This song is a chameleon of melodies and ethereal sounds, with different meanings that you can pay attention to, depending on when you’re enjoying this track. To us, ‘West Anderson’ guarantees we will get over our biggest heartbreaks. We could’ve been feeling destroyed and defeated, but we can bounce back and be the protagonist of our own movie once again (hoping that Wes Anderson himself can direct it!).

‘Banksy:’ For Those That Want To Take A Break

We like to call ‘Banksy’ the start of our Just Because‘s golden trio, as this song and the following two tracks are our personal favorites from this album.

Life gets messier and messier as we grow up, and we would love to close our eyes and take a deep breath while not fully stopping managing our responsibilities. We don’t want to disappoint anyone, and we want to keep trying our best, but we also deserve to lie on the floor from time to time. ‘Banksy’ is such a great combination of the realest lyrics from the whole album and the most amazing production we’ve ever heard. We get chills every time we listen to this track!

‘Polarized:’ For Those That Are Going Through Friend Breakups

Discovering a person’s true colors is never easy, especially if you’ve been friends for years. ‘Polarized’ describes how blind we’ve been for not uncovering these lies earlier. Our mental health shall always come before we feel manipulated by those “dear friends!”

Claire’s lyricism is our favorite part of this song. She included many poetic references relating to growing apart from your old friendships, like seeing life in different tones or not comparing stories in the same way. The bridge is the absolute cherry on top, as Claire sings: “One minute changing the years, and you pushed limits faking your tears, and I’m your puppet pullin’ my strings.” It’s one of our favorite bridges from Just Because!

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‘Jupiter:’ For Those That Want To Escape Earth

Our minds are our loudest enemies, and although we know recovering from something is not a linear process, we would love to occasionally abandon this planet so that our thoughts would quiet down. Do you think that astronauts would be up to take us on an expedition if we showed them ‘Jupiter?’

Claire absolutely nailed to describe how complicated the healing process is. There is so much happening around us that it’s overwhelming to focus on everything all at once, and it can be very damaging to us if we keep adding things to our plate. The instrumentals are also such a great detail on this track, as there are so many sounds and vocals to represent this oversaturated feeling. They fit this song perfectly!

‘Pools and Palm Trees:’ For Those That Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Summer Romance

*sigh* Yeah, we’ve been there. So many summer-related things remind us of our sweetest moments, and if we could choose, we would go back in time to get together with our summer fling in a heartbeat. There’s nothing more special than experiencing love under the sunny sky! ‘Pools and Palm Trees’ make us reminisce about those beautiful places and gorgeous scents that we only get to experience during the summer. We’re already counting down the days until we get to reunite with our precious beach and its stunning ocean!

‘Mess:’ For Those That Are Scared Of F*cking Up

Ending Just Because with ‘Mess’ is the best decision ever. We end up speechless every time we listen to the lyrics of this song!

This song is about dealing with your insecurities and walking on eggshells to avoid ruining something that makes us happy in this challenging world. It sounds like the most private entry of someone’s diary. Claire has shared vulnerability throughout the whole album, so ending it with verses filled with regrets and apologies makes the record even more complete. As young humans, we’re going through all our emotions, trying not to drown and holding on to our most precious memories to stay afloat.

Just Because is a beautiful record, and we’re so glad we can listen to it on repeat! What’s your favorite song from Claire’s new album? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! And to keep chatting with us about our favorite releases, join our Hive on Discord!

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