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We Feel Alive With Claire Rosinkranz!

We Feel Alive With Claire Rosinkranz!

If there’s something about The Honey POP! is that we will never shut up about how much we adore Claire Rosinkranz. We are constantly blasting her music on repeat, and we have been buzzing with excitement knowing we were getting closer and closer to enjoying Claire’s debut album! Now that it’s out, we can assure you that we’re obsessed with it! Just Because has become one of our favorite albums of the year!

We got the chance to attend a press conference with Claire to talk about her eternal love of music and human emotions. We had the time of our lives chatting with her! She’s such a sweet soul, and we really appreciate how she was able to make us feel comfortable with her smile and kindness. Let’s get into what Claire said about creating her tunes and growing her sound!

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The Start Of It All

Claire has been a music lover since the very beginning. She has always been around musical composition, as her dad has been creating jingles and songs for TV shows since she was a little girl. After writing her first song when she was eight and deciding she wanted to pursue music when she was 11, she felt destined to write music forever. She’s such a creative force of nature, and you can notice the light in her eyes when she talks about how much music has helped her to process her life experiences.

I feel like I was kinda just born with this thing where I just have to be creating.”

Claire Rosinkranz

Just Because, A Window Into Claire’s World

There’s only a single chance to release your debut record, and Claire was determined to make the most authentic album by representing herself and her world in it. She is fascinated with how much we, as humans, can encounter through our paths, and she wanted to share that charm with Just Because. She definitely nailed the excitement of being alive through her songs! The album flows like a coming-of-age movie, where happy melodies and honest verses give us a glimpse into Claire’s personal stories.

I love to feel everything, and I hope that people can feel a little bit of everything while listening to my music, and I hope it makes them feel very full.”

Claire Rosinkranz

Touring And Self-Care

We felt that the lyrics from Just Because deserved to be enjoyed live the moment we pressed play on the album. Luckily, Claire felt the same way, as she just announced the first leg of her 2024 headline tour! We got to ask her which songs from Just Because would be the fan favorites to enjoy at her shows, and she told us that ‘Swinging at the Stars‘ would be an absolute banger to sing together. We can’t wait to transport ourselves into an ethereal world with her incredible music live!

In addition to being excited to perform on stage again, Claire is committed to paying more attention to her body on this tour and preparing herself to have fun without risking her health. After recovering from being extremely ill due to her busy schedule, she has learned to slow down when needed. Claire mentioned how important this health crash has been in her perspective of taking care of herself. Even though she felt invincible while touring and traveling the world, her body “kept the score” of these tireless efforts. We’re so, so happy to hear that she’s feeling better!

Out of that entire experience (being sick), everyone was kinda, like: “Claire, you have to take care of yourself, you have to slow down because if you don’t, it can get really severe and really dangerous,” and it did. Make sure you’re just aware of what’s going on inside of your body and listen to it.”

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Claire Rosinkranz

We wish Claire our best for this tour! You can sign up here to get first access to her presale this Tuesday, October 7th, at 10 AM.

Have we made you Claire stans? Have you been listening to Just Because on repeat? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to talk about other artists who have conquered our playlists, feel free to join our Hive on Discord!

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