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QUIZ: What Should You Be For Halloween Based On Your Fave ONEUS Song?

QUIZ: What Should You Be For Halloween Based On Your Fave ONEUS Song?

Welcome back to another installment of THPLoween 2023, where we post a Halloween-themed article every day in October! And today, we’ve created this questionnaire for K-Pop fans, especially TO MOONs. You can decide your Halloween costume based on your favorite ONEUS title track!

Are you more of an ‘Erase Me’ fan or a ‘No Diggity’ fan? What about ‘Same Scent’ or ‘Luna?’ We know how hard it is to pick one, but luckily you won’t have to! We made this list for you! So feel free to get some of your Halloween inspiration right here.

Now for the million-dollar question: What is your favorite ONEUS song?

A. ‘Baila Conmigo’
B. ‘Erase Me’
C. ‘Same Scent’
D. ‘Bring It On’
E. ‘Luna’
F. ‘No Diggity’

Your Results

‘Baila Conmigo’

If you picked ‘Baila Conmigo,’ you should be Barbie for Halloween! You’re obsessed with all of ONEUS’s concepts, but who isn’t? They’re well-known for a reason, and so is Barbie! And the best part: you could be anything you want and still be Barbie!

‘Erase Me’

If you picked ‘Erase Me,’ you should be a pirate for Halloween! Your favorite ONEUS songs are the kind you’d blast on those long drives to nowhere with the windows down. They have such a freeing vibe, and who has more freedom than pirates?

‘Same Scent’

If you picked ‘Same Scent,’ you should be your ONEUS bias for Halloween! You love many underrated ONEUS songs, and we can appreciate that. You should go as your ONEUS bias from the MALUS era and tell everyone you see to stop sleeping on ONEUS!

‘Bring It On’

You should be a magician for Halloween! You love playing card games, and you always have to learn how magic tricks are done. ONEUS’ concept during the TRICKSTER era is your absolute favorite! You can also go as a puppet or a joker to stay in theme with ‘Bring It On.’


You should be a celestial being for Halloween! With all the moon imagery of ‘Luna,’ it’s impossible not to think of the creative directions you could go with your costume. We can already imagine the incredible makeup looks inspired by this title track!

‘No Diggity’

If you picked ‘No Diggity,’ you should be a DJ for Halloween! You’re a sucker for ONEUS’s hip-hop bangers and hard-hitting intros. So bring out those turntables and complete your look with headphones and sunglasses!

Well, what’s your fave ONEUS song? Did we give you enough costume inspiration for Halloween this year? Leave a comment for us below!

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