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Exclusive Premiere: Everyday Is ‘Sunday’ With Sid Seth!

Exclusive Premiere: Everyday Is ‘Sunday’ With Sid Seth!

If you ask us, nothing beats a Sunday. This may be up for debate for some; oftentimes, Sunday symbolizes the end of the weekend and relaxation. That means work is right around the corner. For us, we choose to find some beauty on a Sunday morning. You can take things slow and do the things you enjoy: read a good book, stay in bed, or spend time with the one you love… until it comes to a bittersweet end. Sid Seth perfectly encapsulates that beauty (and the sadness) in his new song ‘Sunday,’ and nothing has spoken to our soul more. 

How would you best describe ‘Sunday’ on a sonic level, with reference to the wide variety of influences you’ve amassed from adolescence to more current day?
To me, ‘Sunday’ sounds like a “feel good” Sunday. You know when you wake up on a Sunday morning and everything seems great? The alarm clock didn’t go off, it’s not raining, so your friends aren’t canceling brunch plans, and you have an active yet lazy Sunday ahead of you. There is a slight undertone of longing ’cause, lyrically, you’d have to wait an entire week to do it all over again.

A more technical sonic description would be – classic melodies (think real old-school soulful ones) that are modernized and “popified” via funk and R&B rhythms. I borrowed elements from disco, rap, and indie songwriters as well for this song.

‘Sunday’ – Sid Seth

Fitting with the warm, fuzzy, and whimsical feeling ‘Sunday’ gives us, the lyric video is so delightfully enchanting. We can’t get enough of the stop motion! Artful and dynamic, we’re instantly absorbed into the light and airy vibe we love about those breezy Sunday mornings. Honestly, we’re not being dramatic (but maybe a little) when we say this has healed our spirit, and we’ll be making every day a Sunday with ‘Sunday’ on our playlists!

The story is quite simple. It’s about having a great weekend and then hating it as soon as it’s over. It’s about wanting to spend a little more time with whoever you’re seeing and the moment they are gone, you can’t wait for the next weekend to relive it again..

Sid Seth on ‘Sunday’

How would you say moving to New York and settling into this environment as an artist has affected your creative process? What are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in this transition?
New York has been a whirlwind romance. I love the city, but at times it’s really lonely. I’ve said it before; it’s a heart attack life. What I love about it, it really gives importance to merit, and you never know who you’re talking to on the street. It’s rare to find such crazy anywhere else. Like most of my American friends, I did take a second to get comfortable in the city. But, more than assimilating, I realized that what made me connect with more New Yorkers was the eagerness to succeed and an open mindset. I love that!

As an artist and songwriter, it made me question a lot of angles in my life, relationships, friends, and growing up that I had kept closed off. I rarely talk about my private life, and I prefer that way. But, it was detrimental to me as I wouldn’t acknowledge my own cherished experiences.

I find writing my songs almost therapeutic. My end goal isn’t saying, “Here’s another pop song or cranky song,” but more of hopefully providing a soundtrack for my listeners’ own experiences. It’s like a friend being there for you when you want or need them or a friend who’s always there for you when you want to go party or cry like mad. I hope my songs are that for someone.

The focus on recording is also a very valuable learning process. In general, NY has a ridiculous amount of talent, and the technical ways in which my collaborators have helped me record and bring out the song is something I am very grateful for. This is something I look forward to as I am grateful to work more and more in the studio.

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With vulnerable, relatable lyrics and creative, catchy melodies, we’re given a fully immersive, heartfelt, and addictive experience. Sid makes music that we can feel from our head to toe, and we can’t stop listening. If you’re looking to soak up more incredible music from Sid Seth, we recommend you also check out ‘Hopeless War.’

How do tracks such as ‘Sunday’ and ‘Hopeless War’ introduce what’s next for you? What can fans expect in the future?
They are two sides of the same coin. Really different, but both focus on storytelling and relationships. My songs are mostly centered around young love, relationships, and heartbreak, and sometimes they are about my observations. Some are crazy deep, and some have spicy tea. Lol. I have something coming out very soon that will be totally different sonically, visually, and storytelling-wise. But I get a good feeling that people who like ‘Sunday’ and ‘Hopeless War’ will enjoy that. At this moment, me and the listener are just hanging out at a casual bar or a coffee shop, and it’s our first date. They are getting to know me. So, any song I put out would be just fresh information!

What do you think about ‘Sunday’ by Sid Seth? Do you love it as much as we do? Let us know in the comments, or find us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter @thehoneypop! Want to connect with other fans just like you? Join the Honey POP Discord today. 


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