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7 Things To Know About TRENDZ!

7 Things To Know About TRENDZ!

In case you haven’t noticed, we at THP love many different K-Pop groups from different generations. We’re happy to expand our playlists and listen to new and underrated artists. And if you’ve followed us for a long time, we’re hoping you are, too.

So allow us to introduce a rising boy group to you all (if you haven’t heard of them already): TRENDZ! This group debuted in January 2022. And they’ve been slaying the game ever since!

The more TRENDZ music videos we watched, the more we fell in love with their incredible sound and choreography. You’ll love them if you listen to ATEEZ, Stray Kids, or P1Harmony. And seeing as they have seven members, we’ve come up with seven things you’ll need to get to know TRENDZ!

The Members

First, we’ll give you a list of all seven members, their roles, and birthdays, in order from oldest to youngest:

  • Havit (Lee Havit): vocalist
    • June 7, 1999
  • Leon (Kim Donghyun): dancer, vocalist
    • July 25, 2000
  • Yoonwoo (Lee Choonghyun): vocalist, visual
    • August 28, 2000
  • Hankook (Cho Hankook): leader, rapper
    • April 3, 2002
  • ra.L (Yi Taehyun): rapper
    • September 29, 2003
  • Eunil (Kim Eunil): vocalist
    • November 21, 2003
  • Yechan (Jeong Yechan): rapper, dancer
    • October 27, 2005

Now, we also have a group picture for reference! In the top row, from left to right, are Leon, Eunil, and Yechan. And in the bottom row, from left to right, are Havit, ra.L, Yoonwoo, and Hankook.

TRENDZ fan meeting promo
Image Source: Courtesy of Helix Publicity

Pre-Debut TRENDZ

Before they debuted as TRENDZ, six of the seven members were in a trainee group called Daily H Boys under NH Media. Daily H Boys later became INTER BOYS when they moved under a new label. (Yoonwoo was the only one not in Daily H Boys or INTER BOYS). They’d create song and dance covers to prepare for their debut, and they’ve grown so much since!

Their Debut EP

TRENDZ debuted on January 5, 2022, with the mini-album Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks. Their title track, ‘TNT (Truth & Trust),’ is a hip-hop banger with a high-quality music video to match it. They also released an impressive performance video for their b-side track, ‘Villain,’ where they used bandages in their choreography!

The Fandom

In June 2022, TRENDZ announced their fandom name: FRIENDZ. It means their fans are “a dear friend who will go through everything with TRENDZ.” And we actually really love that name. It’s cute, simple, and meaningful. Plus, it rhymes with the group name!

Their Second EP

Not long after their fandom name announcement, TRENDZ released their first comeback with the Blue Set Chapter 2. Choice EP. The title track, ‘WHO [吼],’ is another hip-hop hit with killer visuals! This song has a double meaning for “who:” of finding your identity and who you are, and the Chinese character for “who” means shout. It’s about expressing your true self loudly and unapologetically!

Their First Two Single Albums

Can you imagine having two comebacks in your first year of debut? TRENDZ can because they released their first single album, Blue Set Chapter. Unknown Code, only five months after their second EP! They really started gaining more recognition with ‘Vagabond,’ and we’re so proud!

TRENDZ released the Blue Set Chapter. New Dayz single album in March 2023, marking a new chapter for the group. It’s a different concept from their edgy, hip-hop style, but we aren’t complaining! ‘NEW DAYZ’ is a song about not letting failures and complacency get in your path. It’s one of our favorite TRENDZ songs so far!

Their Newest Single

The best thing about stanning TRENDZ is that they only get better and better with each comeback. Last month, they released their third single album, Still On My Way. Their title track, ‘My Way,’ is an energetic song about moving forward daily and making our own destiny. We’re inspired by how passionate TRENDZ is with their music and want to keep running with them!

See Also

Their Fan Meeting With Yale University

TRENDZ recently wrapped up promotions for Still On My Way. We had the pleasure of attending their virtual fan meeting with Yale University students as part of Professor Grace Kao’s Race and Place in British New Wave, K-Pop, and Beyond course. They showed us videos and highlights from their past comebacks and discussed everything they’ve released thus far! TRENDZ were so adorable and had such a positive and slightly chaotic energy despite how early it was for them.

TRENDZ fanmeeting screenshot
Image Source: Screenshot from TRENDZ Online Fan Meeting, With Thanks To Yale University

TRENDZ is certainly making a name for themselves in this generation of K-Pop, and we don’t regret stanning them. We hope we’ll get to see them perform one day! And we hope you’ll get to know these boys and give their music a listen.

What do you think of TRENDZ? Are you a fan yet? Let us know your favorite TRENDZ song on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram!

Want to know more about K-Pop? We’re here to help!


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