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Allons y! It’s The 60th Anniversary Of Doctor Who

Allons y! It’s The 60th Anniversary Of Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Who’s ready for “wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff” once again? David Tennant reprises one of his well-beloved characters: The Doctor. David Tennant first picked up the mantle as the 10th Doctor in the globally sensational TV series Doctor Who from 2005 until 2010. The end of the 10th Doctor’s reign began with his regeneration to Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and so forth in typical Doctor Who fashion. Yet, this is not the first time David Tennant made a guest appearance after his role on the show.

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David Tennant’s version of the Doctor is a well-known fan favorite! Tennant has made it obvious he loves playing the role, too! Which is why he returned as the 10th Doctor in 2013 for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. Now, in late November to early December, Tennant is returning for the special 60th Anniversary episodes. Except this time, in a perfect twist, we are not seeing Tennant as the 10th but as the 14th regeneration of the Doctor.

Tennant, as the 14th Doctor, is ahead of the most anticipated 15th regeneration of the stylish, quirky, and handsome character portrayed by the talented Ncuti Gatwa.

Hop Into The TARDIS We’re Going Down Memory Lane

In honor of David Tennant being the Doctor again, let’s reflect on our top 5 favorite moments from his time as the 10th. Geronimo (wait – wrong Doctor), allons y!

1. The Way That The 10th Really Scared Us With The Weeping Angels

The introduction of the weeping angels brought in a new wave of terror for statues. If you have never felt stressed before while watching an episode, this one brought it big time as the Doctor and Martha desperately tries to warn the audience to “not blink.”

The pure idea that creepy angel statues (or statues in general) can come after you any time your back is turned, or you blink to send you back in time is unnerving. This is the episode that solidified the weeping angels into Doctor Who mythology and the terror that they bring in any attack that they appear in.

AKA: the last episode with Amy and Rory Pond and the 11th Doctor.

2. When The 10th Doctor And The 11th Doctor Meet (Finally)

This was and remains an iconic moment. Two of the most charismatic and witty Doctors meeting? Absolutely brilliant! The banter between David Tennant and Matt Smith is pure gold. Fans of the series enjoyed seeing the two together for the 50th anniversary so much; it was hard to miss the raving enjoyment all over Twitter and Tumblr in 2013!

3. When The 10th Encounters Cassandra

This, without a doubt, is one of the strangest episodes. Yet, that is why it’s one of the best and most iconic episodes. In the episode, the Doctor and Rose Tyler end up on New Earth and run into Cassandra. Or, more so, what is left of Cassandra.

You will know who we are talking about when we say, “moisturize me.” Audiences watching will run into what is left of Cassandra as a skin graph with eyes and a mouth. It’s the oddest thing, but it has created the best references and memes from the show.

We have to praise David Tennant for his acting talents of switching between being the Doctor and being essentially possessed by Cassandra. The dramatic shifts between Cassandra and the Doctor make the episode fun and quite entertaining.

4. When The 10th Meets River Song

After watching the Doctor meet River Song during ‘Silence In The Library’ and ‘Forest of The Dead,’ we know that something is fascinating about her. She knows the Doctor and mentions that their paths keep crossing in the wrong order. Everything she knew about him was well-marked in her journal of their adventures.

However, this moment is the end of her relationship with him, but the beginning of his relationship with her. This can be confusing, but time works differently when you are a space-traveling alien. River Song becomes more of an essential and known role with Matt Smith’s 11th. You know, his wife. 

5. The Very Emotional 10th Regeneration

Regeneration from one Doctor to the next is what makes the show very exciting. As mentioned before, it’s fun to see how the Doctor takes on a new face, new personality, catchphrase, and so on. On the other hand, it is an emotional parting to a version of a character and an actor we have grown to love.

Tennant’s farewell was an emotional goodbye with the line “I don’t wanna go,” one that is unforgettable. His regeneration after an epic battle, a cameo from an Ood singing, and a theatrical walk around the TARDIS led to the perfect 10th regeneration. It was a moment when we finally got to see a more vulnerable side of our beloved 10th Doctor; it was very bittersweet.

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Yet, that feeling didn’t last too long as we were introduced to the very whimsical 11th Doctor.

60th Anniversary Is Going To Be Out Of This World

With a well-rounded cast of Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker, Catherine Tate returning as Donna Noble, and David Tennant it will be an unforgettable three episodes. If you haven’t watched the trailer for the 60th anniversary, your time to do so is right now. There’s no way we would’ve let you get away with not watching the trailer and getting excited for this iconic moment in pop culture.

It’s time to grab your popcorn, sweets, favorite drinks, and your besties to sit down and watch the episodes. The first episode will air on November 25. For those outside the UK and Ireland, you can watch Doctor Who on Disney+. UK and Ireland fans, you know the drill; you can catch it on the BBC.

Since we shared our top 5 10th Doctor moments, we need to know what your favorite moments are from Doctor Who! Whether it’s from Peter Capaldi, a Dalek being sassy, or Matt Smith and Van Goph, we want to know. Share your Doctor Who excitement with us below in the comments, or find us on our socials, @TheHoneyPop! We can’t wait to experience how cool bowties (if you know, you know) are with you.

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