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Break Down The New Taylor Bickett EP With Us

Break Down The New Taylor Bickett EP With Us

The day has come! We have been patiently waiting for Taylor Bickett’s debut EP since she released her first single, ‘Break My Own,’ two years ago. Now we’re here, and we couldn’t be more eager to break these tracks down for all of you! If you aren’t already familiar with Taylor Bickett, allow us to introduce you! Taylor is making true singer-songwriter pop music that time after time we see ourselves in. We’ve cried, danced, and sung all throughout listening to this EP; it’s a true perfect five-song run. Let’s get into it!

Stream grown up and lonely here!


Now, this is how you kick off an EP! We remember hearing this track on TikTok, saving it, and listening to that one clip over and over, hoping Taylor Bickett would find a place in the future to release this one! The feeling of embarrassment after realizing feelings went untaken care of by the other person is something that is so hard to put into words, but of course, leave it to Taylor Bickett to be able to.


This chorus!!! An absolute ten out of ten that makes us dance around any room we’re in! ‘IDIOT!’ does something quite spectacular; this track manages to feel sun-soaked while also having deeply relatable lyrics and feeling plucked from a coming-of-age movie. Truly, we couldn’t have imagined a better track to soundtrack the delusional scenarios we create when we have crushes.

‘you’re not a bad person’

‘you’re not a bad person’ is one of the most vocally beautiful and lyrically poignant post-breakup tracks we’ve heard. This isn’t the “I’ve moved on and just wish you well.” This is “I’ve moved on and am able to reflect on the fact that you had your faults, but I don’t hate you.” That’s a take we don’t see thought out in music often, and it’s one we are a big fan of!

‘love online’

‘love online’ is a perfect example of love in the digital age. This track could have only been made in the here and now, and that’s something that makes it so relatable and unique. Looking for ‘love online’ can be an exhausting and repetitive process, but at least now we know we aren’t alone in having those thoughts.


If you’ve been in TikTok anytime in the past year, there’s no way you haven’t heard ‘QUARTER LIFE CRISIS.’ We remember seeing the success this song was meeting and feeling like proud parents seeing an artist we’ve known was so special for so long get the recognition she deserves. This song feels essential to the twenty-something experience.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off of the new Taylor Bickett EP, grown up and lonely? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!


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