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Weeekly Bring Color To Our Lives With ColoRise

Weeekly Bring Color To Our Lives With ColoRise

Comeback season is hitting hard in November this year. And to kick off everything, Weeekly made their first comeback after over a year.

Needless to say, we were jumping up and down when it got announced and this comeback did not let us down. In ColoRise, Weeekly go back to their roots yet find a more mature take and give us their best mini-album to date. 


The main star of the show is, of course, the title track: ‘VROOM VROOM.’ It mixes the joyful sound we’ve loved from Weeekly since day one, but it takes a different approach – making the song sound more mature. Yet, ‘VROOM VROOM’ feels just as refreshing as any of their releases. With its city pop feel, ‘VROOM VROOM’ has beautiful melodies that suit the Weeekly members’ voices incredibly well, and the production is so pretty and satisfying. The way the song comes to a climax in its last chorus never fails to give us chills. It’s full of joy, hope, and yet it feels emotional.

‘VROOM VROOM’ shows us the best of Weeekly. It’s refreshing, emotional, hopeful, and bright, and it’s everything we needed from them. Alongside the beautiful visuals and aesthetics in the music video, ‘VROOM VROOM’ is an absolute masterpiece.

ColoRise – track by track


But ‘VROOM VROOM’ is not the only song you should remember from this release. Because Weeekly released a mini-album in which every song is better than the last one. It has to be, hands down, one of their best releases to date. ‘ODYSSEY’ opens up ColoRise in a truly magical way. It’s a soft, bright, and joyful track that sets the tone for the rest of the release. It gives the perfect introduction to ‘VROOM VROOM.’


If we had to pick our favorite (and believe us, it’s a difficult task), we would have to give it to ‘Backwards.’ It hooks you right from the very beginning, and whatever direction you think the song will take… Chances are, you’re wrong. There’s no other word for the production of this song than musical genius. The bass goes so hard. ‘Backwards’ follows that same city pop/retro feel from ‘VROOM VROOM,’ but it’s a darker and more obscure take on the genre. It’s genius, and we’re obsessed.

‘Sweet Dream’

‘Sweet Dream’ is also a surprising one. It might sound very sweet and soft initially, but it takes an exciting and addictive turn in the pre-chorus. And the bridge is out of this world. ‘Sweet Dream’ is the perfect mixture of Weeekly’s signature bright sound and their darker side. More proof that these girls can do it all.


However, Weeekly are indeed more known for their bubbly pop sound in songs like ‘After School.’ It is what made us fall in love with them in the first place. Well, for all the early-Weeekly enjoyers out there, ‘A+’ is right there for us. It has exactly those attributes, plus the extra element of pop-rock influence in its production and instrumental. ‘A+’ is the serotonin in the form of a song that we love from Weeekly.


ColoRise comes to an end with ‘RUBY-DUBY-DU.’ It comes full circle as it has the same magical feel we got from the opening track, ‘ODYSSEY.’ This closing song makes you feel like you’re in a dream with its feel-good and carefree vibes. It’s a beautiful song to close off ColoRise.

To see Weeekly on stage, shining and showcasing their immense talent, was enough to make us happy, but the girls truly outdid themselves with this one. ColoRise shows the different sides to Weeekly’s talent and artistry, giving way for a mini-album with something for everyone. We won’t forget about Weeekly’s ColoRise anytime soon.

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Weeekly’s ColoRise is out now.

Are you enjoying ‘VROOM VROOM’ as much as we are? What is your favorite song in Weeekly’s ColoRise? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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