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3 Mother Mother Songs To Get You Hyped For Their New Album Grief Chapter

3 Mother Mother Songs To Get You Hyped For Their New Album Grief Chapter

mother mother grief chapter

O My Heart! We’re getting a brand-new Mother Mother album, Grief Chapter, and we are so excited! Can you believe it? Is this a dream? Someone pinch us! When there are new Mother Mother songs set to bless our ears, we fall to our knees and beg for that release date to come around as fast as possible.

mother mother grief chapter
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As the name of their new album suggests, Mother Mother will explore themes of life, death, grief, and more in Grief Chapter, but with a deeper meaning intertwined within the songs of living life to its full potential.

Death and grief rooted themselves in these songs, but not morosely. It’s used more as a reference point for how to live more fully and presently. Life is fleeting, therefore it’s precious, and death is the most effective way I know to frame this miracle of living.

Ryan Guldemond of Mother Mother

Mother Mother is set to release their new album, Grief Chapter, on February 16th, and you can pre-order it now!

Because we’re huge fans in this hive, we thought it’d be a fantastic idea to get all hyped for this new album by listening to some of our favorite Mother Mother songs!

So sit down, relax, grab your favorite snackie, and let’s listen to some of our faves from Mother Mother to get us all hyped and ready for Grief Chapter!

‘The Matrix’

Of course, we’re starting with this brand-new track! Because, honey, we’re pretty obsessed. ‘The Matrix’ is a delicious taster of what’s to come from Mother Mother on Grief Chapter, and let us tell you, this song alone has us bouncing off the walls with excitement!

‘The Matrix’ is a dreamy delicacy that’ll leave you feeling wistfully washed with wonder. And for all the major Mother Mother fans like us, there’s a bunch of easter eggs to find in ‘The Matrix’ music video!


This one really speaks to us on such a deep level because what is normal? Not us, and we thrive like that because “It’s abnormal to be normal.” We love that lyric so much.

Mother Mother gave us ‘Normalize’ in the summer, and it will feature on their new album. It was one we had on repeat for the summer months, and we still find ourselves belting out the lyrics almost every day.

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‘To My Heart’

Mother Mother gave us ‘To My Heart’ a few months ago, and it immediately stole ours. This track explores growth and self-reflection, and the lyrical journey is written perfectly to delve into those themes.

‘To My Heart’ is another taste of what’s to come in Mother Mother’s Grief Chapter. From the first strums of the guitar, it captures us, and then the first verse kicks in, and we’re completely stolen.

Hyped up yet? To get you even more excited for Grief Chapter, Mother Mother has kindly blessed us with the tracklist, which you can feast your eyes on below!

  1. ‘Nobody Escapes’
  2. ‘To My Heart’
  3. ‘Explode’
  4. ‘Head Shrink’
  5. ‘Days’
  6. ‘Forever’
  7. ‘Normalize’
  8. ‘Goddamn Staying Power’
  9. ‘The Matrix’
  10. ‘God’s Plan’
  11. ‘End of Me’
  12. ‘Grief Chapter’

What do you think of Mother Mother, and are you excited for their new album, Grief Chapter? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on DiscordFacebook, and Instagram.


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