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Act Now, Think Later…Tate McRae Is On The Road!

Act Now, Think Later…Tate McRae Is On The Road!

No surprise, we’re freaking out over Tate McRae’s announcement. You haven’t heard?! Girl, get on it! A SNL performance, a world tour, and a new album? Tate is feeding us well. We’re so proud of our girl, and we can’t wait to support her through the computer screen for the rest of our lives. But don’t underestimate us; we will be scoring tickets to multiple stops on Tate McRae’s 2024 Think Later Tour

As Tate rapidly skyrockets towards stardom, we can anticipate that tickets will quickly sell out for her global 🌏 2024 Think Later Tour. In anticipation, we’ve curated our dream setlist and predictions for outfits, choreography, sets, and surprise guests! Pre-order the highly anticipated album now and come back to see if our predictions were correct.


We all know Tate is a hockey fanatic 🏒! She’s even sporting some protective shin pads in the album cover art. Who knew someone could look so perfect with those giant things on? We predict that she’ll wear a hockey jersey for each stop of the tour, correlating to that state’s official NHL team. The red and white Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, NC, the blue and orange Islanders in New York, NY or the green 💚 and black Dallas Stars in Dallas, TX! The opportunity for jaw-dropping looks is endless!

Image Credit: Jerry Yu | Unsplash


Now we know that the setlist will be comprised of new songs from Think Later (we can’t wait for December 8!). She’s already teasing a new single on TikTok 🤳 with catchy lyrics like “Kisses to my exes who don’t give a sh*t about me/Kisses to ones who think they can live without me.” 💋 So iconic! We hope this song drops soon and will be included on the setlist! But, for now, we are looking forward to hearing the following songs (in no particular order) on the road next year:

  1. greedy
  2. ‘stupid’
  3. ‘don’t come back’
  4. ‘boy x’
  5. ‘She’s all I wanna be’
  6. ‘you broke me first’
  7. ‘10:35’
  8. ‘i’m so gone’
  9. what would you do?’
  10. uh oh
  11. ‘chaotic’
  12. ‘feel like sh*t’
  13. ‘You’
  14. ‘rubberband’
  15. ‘r u ok’

We practically just want to hear the entire i used to think i could fly ✈️ album…sorry, not sorry! 


One aspect of the shows we are most excited to see is the choreography! We all know T8 is an amazing dancer and performer, but we can’t wait to see if she chooses to have backup dancers on tour. Our guess is that she will, but it won’t be an overwhelming number of dancers and will probably be a handful of her close friends. She’s the star, after all, and we need her to be center stage the entire time 😍.


In a perfect world, Tate would re-create a real icerink on the stage ⛸️ and give us ice pop princess realness, but we know that that may not be possible. Or is it…..? There will definitely be different-sized stages for multiple opportunities for elevated dancing or even a rotating stage in the middle for special effects. Channel your inner Beyoncé and hit the camera with a hockey puck. We don’t care! 🤭

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Special Guests

Our girl is going to be playing at Madison Square Garden 🗽and we are so proud! This iconic moment can’t go without a special guest appearance. We predict Khalid for the performance of ‘working.’ Imagine an EDM moment during ‘10:35’ with Tiësto 🪩!? Yeah, sign us up! Or maybe even a quick appearance from Troye Sivan during ‘You’? That would be our absolute dream, and we would probably run out of the venue crying.

Let us know what track you’re most excited about on the Think Later Tour, and grab your tickets for your city while they’re still hot 🔥 Keep up with us on Twitter or Instagram to hear our thoughts on the album when it drops December 8!


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