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We’re Associating A Jungkook Outfit To Every ‘Standing Next to You’ Remix!

We’re Associating A Jungkook Outfit To Every ‘Standing Next to You’ Remix!

If you’re anything like us, you’re also completely obsessed with ‘Standing Next to You’ and the entirety of GOLDENJungkook has changed the trajectory of our lives with this perfect album, and we’ve been listening to it from top to bottom, 24/7. Jungkook is genuinely shining like the big pop superstar he is with this album, this single, and this entire era, and we’re so proud of being able to enjoy such another golden moment in his life with him!

‘Standing Next to You’ is a true embodiment of what pop music should feel and sound like, and as Jungkook has always loved to explore other genres, the remixes have added even more musical styles to his golden collection. We’ve decided to pair up every one of these new beats with an iconic outfit our pop boy has worn in past performances and videos! 🤩

Slow Jam Remix & The ‘3D’ Official Live Performance Video Fit

We’re starting our list with the first remix of the bunch! The Slow Jam remix is so groovy, especially with the bass throughout the chorus. We had to pair up this ‘Standing Next to You’ version to a performance that matches its rhythm in the best way possible. The ‘3D‘ performance video shows so much dynamism, and Jungkook’s star-like presence makes it even better! His looks through the ‘3D’ era were an absolute chef’s kiss!

PBR&B Remix & Jungkook’s First Calvin Klein Fits

We instantly associated Jungkook’s modeling with this remix! The beats are so powerful, and they match perfectly with his vocals to create a totally amazing and different dimension than the original. We feel that he would turn up this remix to 100% volume while trying his Calvin Klein outfits! The mood perfectly fits the mood from his first campaign with the brand! Can you notice we can’t take these looks from our heads? We’re thinking about them constantly!

Latin Trap Remix & Jungkook’s ‘Smoke’ Dance TikTok Challenge Fit

The Latin Trap remix is the one that adds more danceable beats, and it makes us get up from our seats and immediately break into fantastic dance moves!

Since we associate this remix with dancing and having a great time, we associated this track with one of the dance challenges Jungkook posted on his TikTok. His ‘Smoke’ challenge still leaves us speechless, and who wouldn’t? He’s the greatest dancer (and video editor, of course) we’ve ever known! If you excuse us, we will keep going through his page and rewatching all of his dance videos. They’re so great!

Holiday Remix & The ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’ Dance Practice Fit

GOLDEN has definitely made us feel like Christmas, as it has fulfilled all of our wishes for Jungkook’s debut solo album, and this holiday remix wants to add more sparkles to our festive feelings. We instantly felt like rewatching every BTS Christmas-related content, and the ‘Butter (Holiday Remix)’ dance practice always makes us smile, no matter how many times we watch it! The Christmas sweaters that our seven wear are soooo adorable!

Future Funk Remix & The ‘Dreamers’ Performance Fit

This remix is so modern, and we love it! If you need one of these remixes to add to your playlists to pre-game before going to the club, this is the one you were looking for!

Its energetic mood reminded us immediately of ‘Dreamers’ and the iconic aura that Jungkook’s performance added to the World Cup. It’s truly one of his biggest performances to date! This song continues to inspire us, and we can’t help but rewatch this great appearance with our biggest admiration eyes for Jungkook and his unique stage presence. His fit sparkled like this mix’s fresh beats, so we thought they were a perfect pair!

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Band Ver. & The iHeartRadio LIVE Performance Fit

‘Standing Next to You’ is such an incredible song live! Every time we see Jungkook singing and dancing along to this song, we’re in awe of the dedication he puts into his performances. It’s such a grandiose song, and the band version totally does it justice! We associated this version with the first performance he did of this single with a live band. We’re in love with how it sounds, and we can’t wait to keep enjoying more of his performances in this GOLDEN era!

What’s your favorite ‘Standing Next to You’ remix? Have you been listening to GOLDEN on repeat? Let us know in the comments below, or tell us over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And to join our K-Pop convos, enter our Discord Hive!

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