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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Loveme ‘Promise’ To Make You Love Them

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Loveme ‘Promise’ To Make You Love Them

If there’s one thing you can count on us to do here at The Honey POP! it’s bringing the world’s next big thing to your home screens. And that is exactly why we are stoked to say we had a chance to chat with Austin, Texas’ own Loveme! Their two singles, ‘Loom’ and ‘Promise’ are out everywhere – and absolutely worth losing your mind over!

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Welcome To Your New Obsession

Hello and welcome to The Honey POP! We are beyond stoked to get to chat with you about your debut singles ‘Loom’ and ‘Promise!’ But before we buzz in, go ahead and introduce yourself to our readers who may not have had the pleasure of meeting you yet!
Hi! My name is Ernesto and I play guitar in the band Loveme.

Okay, like we said, buzzing right in, ‘Loom’ is an insane track. The overall sound and vocals genuinely feel like they’re weaving around you, almost like yarn being woven in a loom. It’s methodical while also sounding flawless, can you tell us a bit about what this track means to you?
Thank you! It was definitely intentional to make the vocals feel equal parts intimate and ghostly. This track is special to me because it came to us right as we were trying to find our sound. We were each individually writing a lot of sketches that we liked but didn’t feel as powerful as our love for ‘Promise.’ ‘Loom’ ended up being the first song that we wrote together while being in the same room and it gave us the confidence that we needed as a newborn band.

Intimate & Ghostly

Now that we know a bit more about ‘Loom’ can you tell us a bit about the creative process behind that track? We imagine a studio session with you guys is an insane creative journey that we will be dreaming of being a part of now. 
I can’t speak much from a lyrical or vocal perspective but I can talk about how the song was born. At the time, about a year ago, I was tasked by the band Holy Wave to make some rhythmic textures for a new song of theirs. I spent a couple of nights creating two different drum loops that could fit an atmospheric and dark mood. Through that process, I created the drums that you hear during the chorus. The drum beat felt ravey, ominous, and sensual. It influenced everything that we wrote on top of it and allowed us to pursue an entirely electronic production as a band.

You’re all classically trained in one form or another, how would you say that has helped your creative flow the most and also how has it caused any, if at all, hiccups or bumps in that process?
So far I can’t say that it has caused any hiccups at all. It has certainly helped find a sound that makes sense to us as of right now. I took notice in the earlier days the way Sammi would improvise with her vocals. Oftentimes, her vocals alone make me feel like I’m in some European gothic cathedral. It’s a specific feeling that I’m really fascinated with. And so there’s this need to pursue the feeling musically and make a song out of it. Eventually, there comes a point where you’re bouncing off ideas endlessly but the root is often tied to a subtle classical root. At the end of the day, it’s our goal to make the music sound modern and cutting-edge.

Breaking The Mold

We also have to talk about your single ‘Promise.’ From the moment the haunting intro begins, into the hypnotizing first verse, and then on through the whole track – it has us obsessed honestly. What can you tell us about ‘Promise?’
‘Promise’ was the very first song we got fixated on when we started working on music together. It also took us a much longer time to figure out in comparison to ‘Loom.’ Finding the right cadence for the spoken word and a melody that we loved for the chorus proved to be quite a challenge. Once we figured that out we then decided to challenge the song again by adding a string section. Overall, it felt like a pretty ambitious undertaking and we are very proud of how it turned out.

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about things born out of grief, and that’s what Loveme is to some extent. What would you say is the main thing that unites you guys as a band at the end of the day? As in, what are the things that are strengthening your bond and musical style day after day?
In my opinion, I think the thing that unites us the most is our ability to have open and difficult conversations with each other. Not only when it comes to the band and creative decisions but also with our personal lives. We are very grateful for the sense of community that we get from being in a band together.

Always Looking Forward

And with your entire careers still on the horizon as a band, what are some of your biggest hopes for 2024 specifically?
Hopefully, we can put out an EP or LP. We’re not the kind to rush things but we are writing new material really effortlessly and I just personally love being in the studio.

What can you tell us about your upcoming debut album? We know everyone else will be foaming at the mouth for its release just like we are once they hear these singles!
Whether it’s an EP or an LP, we can promise that the writing will be rich with emotion and the production will be ethereal.  

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Ethereal? Yes, Please!

We also have to ask, can we cross our fingers for a Loveme US tour next year? Or maybe even an overseas tour?
I think an overseas tour would break our brains. We’re definitely up for it if some booking agent wants to take us under their wing. As far as a US tour, that seems more feasible. We would also need a team of people to help us with that haha.

Alright, last question, we promise! But we want to wrap things up on a fun note. So we want to know, if you had to pick an era of Classical music that you would say fed into the sound of ‘Loom’ and ‘Promise’ the most, what era would it be and why?
I grew up playing a lot of Chopin pieces on the piano. He’s definitely my favorite classical composer. So I’ll have to go with the Romantic era.

Thank you again to Loveme for taking the time to chat with us. It’s an absolute fact that we’ve already listened to ‘Loom’ and ‘Promise’ more times than we can count. And if you haven’t done the same, literally what are you waiting for??


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