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INTERVIEW: Anda & Lookkaew From GL Drama Love Senior The Series

INTERVIEW: Anda & Lookkaew From GL Drama Love Senior The Series

Anda Lookkaew interview Love Senior The series COSMOS Star Hunter Thai GL

Earlier this year, we met with Star Hunter Entertainment’s talents in Bangkok while they were just getting ready to film their first-ever GL (girls love) drama. As we are reaching the official premiere date, we believe it’s time for us to help you get to know Anda and Lookkaew better. They shared the secret of their chemistry and their biggest dreams, but of course, we dived into their girl group COSMOS, Love Senior The Series, and the LGBTQ+ community as well, and even astrology. 

Love Senior The Series is a 10-episode drama set at the Faculty of Engineering. For those who have been around the BL world for a while, we don’t have to explain what that means. Engineering students are basically their own genre, an OG, and a staple of Thai queer media. And we are incredibly excited to see this trope making a comeback. Especially since it’s a girls love version.👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

So, Who Are Anda And Lookkaew?

Besides, being everyone’s newest girl crushes, of course. 🙈 Let’s just kick off by saying they are two adorable and fun girls to hang with. And these two unexpected fun facts are probably a great way to imagine what you are up for around them. First off, if Anda introduces you to her new favorite snack, try not to gain a liking to it. Because soon you won’t be able to find it. “They are gone. They disappear. Maybe my taste is too different from others. Like if I find a new favorite chocolate bar and I think it’s delicious, others maybe don’t like it? So they just stop selling them. It’s so sad.”

And if you’re a clumsy person, you sure are up for a lot of laughs with Lookkaew. “I’m very caring and show a lot of love to my friends. But when they get hurt, not seriously, of course, just like tripping, bumping into something or similar, I can’t stop laughing.” 

Well, we’d like to say these are characteristics of a true Aries or Taurus friendship, but things get a bit more complicated than that when we talk about Thai astrology. And you know we sure had to talk about it since the girls are part of the Thai girl group called… COSMOS.✨

Anda, whose birthday is on April 11, would be an Aries in the West but is a Pisces according to the Thai system. “If I read a horoscope, I just choose the better one. It’s almost as if I could pick between the two,” — says the actress, laughing, who is just two days away from falling under the Aries sign even in the Thai system. (Pisces in the West: February 20-March 20; in Thailand: March 15-April 12. Aries in the West: March 21-April 20; in Thailand: April 13-May 14.)

Which is actually Lookkaew’s Thai starsign with her birthday not too far from her co-star’s. “I was born in April, too, the 27th. So even though I’m an Aries here, I would be a Taurus in the West.” (Taurus in the West: April 21-May 21; in Thailand: May 15-June 14.) As you see, the Thai horoscope is pretty similar to what we are using in the West; the signs are just delayed by a couple of weeks. The reason is that while the Western horoscope uses the Sun as a reference point, the Thai system calculates based on the Earth. What does all of this mean? Well, we are not sure either, but it sure is fun to explore the world’s different POVs.🌏🫶

And this conversation and their close birth days somehow led to us having to guess which artist is the oldest. It’s a dangerous game. And we did end up giving the wrong answer. 🫢 Their age gap is small (2 years), and they both are young and beautiful. Yes, we are good at excuses.👀 But Anda is actually the oldest in real life. As Lookkaew’s mature yet fun looks and Anda’s shyness and playfulness confused us, now we know how their opposite senior-junior relationship seems already so authentic on-screen just by the series trailer. 

Lookkaew VS Gyoza

We have been waiting for a while, but it’s finally time to meet Manaow and Gyoza, the main couple of Love Senior The Series! Lookkaew starts introducing her character, Gyoza, first. “She’s a senior who looks intimidating at first.” As the head senior, her hands are full of responsibility, and she needs to act a bit strict to get things in order according to her wishes during the orientation activities and the Freshy Competition. And we can’t wait to see how her true colors will unfold in the series soon. “She might seem a bit scary, but Gyoza actually has good intent, you know. And when she’s with friends, she’s also fun and silly!” 

When we ask how the artist compares to her character in real life, she brings up the differences. “When I talk, I use a lot of face expressions, while Gyoza tries to keep a straight face. I’m not intimidating like that, I’m cute!” Says Lookkaew followed by a little giggle, and we can definitely stand by that statement. 💕

Anda VS Manaow

And it seems like Anda and Manaow also have their differences. According to the actress, “Manaow is active and charming. Very affectionate with people around her. But I’m not as talkative as her, and definitely not as good at flirting or have that much confidence as Manaow. I’m way too shy.” Which also comes out several times during our interview, and we just can’t help but love her so much for her bashfulness.🥰

We are, of course, only scratching the surface of Manaow and Gyoza with all this. The head senior and the passionate freshmen’s love-at-first-sight will bring out more of their personalities. Their relationship will have to face challenges, ups and downs, misunderstandings… And even an accident. And to see how things will unfold in Love Senior The Series, you’ll have to tune in every Wednesday starting from November 8! ⚙️📺

As the official trailer already showed great chemistry between the actresses, we were wondering how they built upon their already existing relationship as members of the same girl group. Anda’s first sentence already shows a lot about the deepness of real-life friendship. “To me, ours is like a sister relationship. We take care of each other. But we also had to adjust and talk more so we can get closer to each other in a different way as well.”

Lookkaew further explains how their close relationship naturally developed from the beginning. “When competing to get into COSMOS, we had to work in different groups to perform each week. But we still ended up working together many times. So we’ve been next to each other, going through many things together.” So what we are basically hearing is that they were radiating toward each other from the beginning as if the Universe (or the COSMOS if you’d like👀) already had its own plan to bring the girls together.💁‍♀️

Love Senior The Series

Now, besides giving us a nostalgic feel with its engineering theme, Love Senior The Series also represents a significant step forward for LGBTQ+ representation in Thailand. And probably worldwide with its international audience. While BL (boys love) dramas have been gaining major popularity in mainstream pop culture recently, we are just now starting to see the girls being involved.

And Anda and Lookkaew know exactly how essential their work could become. As the older actress starts, “I never expected to be able to be the part of something like this. It’s a great opportunity to contribute to a more accepting society towards LGBTQ+ people.” And Lookkaew adds, “We are very proud and honored. I will try my best with the show because I know it’s my chance to represent LGBTQ+ and love. And that is very beautiful, so I’m grateful.”

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When we ask what takeaways they hope the audience will get from the show, Anda expresses the significance of love again. “I would like them to understand that love is not about gender, age, or role. But love is… just beautiful. But I also want everyone to just simply have fun while watching Love Senior The Series.” Lookkaew adds how we should pay attention to all relationships around us while staying true to ourselves. “I think everyone has the right to express their feelings and to be who they are. Apart from love, I want to show the support of a creative, fun, and entertaining SOTUS (hazing and hierarchy in Thai universities) as well. We want the students to be close and to have a good relationship. Learning about someone and building a connection between two people is very special—whether it’s senior to junior or junior with junior.”

COSMOS And Dreams 

COSMOS debuted in May this year with their digital single ‘ชอบใช่มะ! (YOU GET LUCKY).’ When asking about the group, Anda explains, “We have 12 stars. 12 members, all different and unique.” And Lookkaew completes by saying, “But when we gather together, we become a unity. Like COSMOS.” 🌌 And about future plans, Anda adds that they are planning to continue in units. “We’re still figuring it out, and sure, our future song concepts will also depend on how the units form.” Well, all twelve members of the group will show up in Love Senior The Senior, so we know that everyone in COSMOS is pretty busy at the moment. But when the time comes, we will be more than ready to bless our ears with some new COSMOS songs.

When talking about future plans, the artists’ personal dreams also come up as a topic. Anda let us into her current dreams. “To have my own concert. Around the world! But for now, I would like to show COSMOS and our series to the world. And hope it can contribute to a more supportive and accepting world.”

Lookkaew starts by thanking fans for their support so far. “We’re new, and this is my first series. But after I read their feedback, I gained a lot of energy. I’m grateful for their support, and I promise I will keep getting better.” Then she continues, talking about her long-term dreams outside of the entertainment industry. “I want to start my own foundation. I really love pets. And want to spread love. I want to help. I want to make the world better. And that means better for the animals as well. That is my biggest dream.” 

🐝Okay, honey bees! Are you as excited about Love Senior The Series as we are?!⚙️ Let us know your thoughts and show your support to the girls on X or by commenting on Facebook and Instagram.🫶 And don’t forget to tune in every Wednesday from November 8th on WeTV for the uncut episodes. 📺




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