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DAY6 Welcome Us To Their Show With Fourever

DAY6 Welcome Us To Their Show With Fourever

The day is finally here… DAY6 are officially back!

Since November last year, we knew it was only a matter of time before we got DAY6’s first comeback in three years. And we’re so back. It’s been three years since their last comeback with the end of the Book of Us series, but DAY6 just released their eighth mini-album, Fourever, with the title track, ‘Welcome to the Show.’ DAY6 never disappoint and this comeback is everything we wanted and so much more. DAY6 are just that band.

‘Welcome To The Show’

‘Welcome to the Show’ is the perfect title track to mark their big comeback. If you’re like us (and everyone else) and love ‘Time of Our Life,’ this new title track will be right up your alley. ‘Welcome to the Show’ has that anthemic feel that fills you with emotion, hope, and happiness. Even though it’s been three years since their last comeback, it’s been way longer since DAY6 performed live as a band. This song embodies the joy and happiness they felt, and we all felt, when they came back together after so long and held their first concert in four years.

‘Welcome to the Show’ is about them, their love for their music, the band, and their bond with their fans and with each other. No one but DAY6 could make such a song, because ‘Welcome to the Show’ is all about DAY6 and what they stand for.


Something about DAY6 is that they’ll always give us real music from the first track to the last – no skips, only timeless masterpieces. Each of these songs deserves a place in your playlist, and each of them will blow you away. So let’s take it track by track!


‘Happy’ is the first b-side in Fourever, and this one is for all the DAY6 Japanese discography enthusiasts out there. The rock sound in this song is everything. And don’t let the title and upbeat rock sound fool you: this is, in many ways, a sad song, as they sing about wanting to be happy yet not quite being able to. It’s a song to listen to in the dark days, but it’s also a song that will keep you company through tough times.

‘Power of Love’

‘Power of Love’ is the most uplifting, bright, and energetic song on the album along with ‘Welcome to the Show.’ DAY6 have always excelled at the retro sound, making it unique and taking inspiration from it to make it sound like no one else could. And ‘Power of Love’ is exactly that. As they sing about how love can heal you, ‘Power of Love’ is an instant classic in DAY6’s discography.

‘Get The Hell Out’

They can sing about how love is everything, but they can also sing about wanting someone out of their life and how much it drains them that they’re still there. And that’s what ‘Get The Hell Out’ is all about. To say this song is on the more rock side of DAY6‘s discography isn’t enough. The drums, and the instrumentals in general, go so hard in the chorus. It makes it stand out and a fan favorite, without a doubt.

‘Sad Ending’

Right from the beginning, with the melody and that keyboard, you just know ‘Sad Ending’ is special. This song is full of emotions and hurt. With ‘Sad Ending,’ they tell the story of the end of a relationship where only one side has fallen out of love. ‘Sad Ending’ is written from the perspective of the one who is still in love, but decides to be sad so the one they can be happy. The lyricism and vocals in this song are just everything.

‘Let Me Love You’

We have a song for the ‘Time of Our Life’ enthusiasts and the Japanese discography enthusiasts, and we also have a song for the ‘End of Day’ enthusiasts. ‘Let Me Love You’ has a similar vibe to some of our favorite songs by the sub-unit. The 80s feel in ‘Let Me Love You’ is everything. It is such a beautiful song about loving someone who has been hurt before and trying to give them hope and heal them from their past hurt.

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‘didn’t know’

DAY6 always know how to wrap up a mini-album. You will find some of their best, most heartbreaking, and most beautiful songs as the last track, and ‘didn’t know’ is proof of it. They took on a 2000s indie band ballad sound for this one and created a masterpiece. The lyrics hit hard as ‘didn’t know’ is about regretting not realizing something that is now gone was actually love. Yeah. It hits hard.

Fourever is a celebration of the band, their legacy, and what’s to come. We’ve missed DAY6 and their music so much, but their comeback has made up for it. They never miss. This is what music is all about!

Was DAY6’s big comeback everything you wanted? What’s your favorite song in Fourever? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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