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COIN Play An Electrifying Set In London

COIN just wrapped up their headline tour in the UK, we got the inside scoop!

COIN Took Us On An Outer Space Voyage!

Get ready to travel through space with COIN´s newest music video for their song ‘Earth to God’.

COIN Brings Us A Retro Banger With ‘Sagittarius Superstar’

COIN’s new single is like The Beatles but with a twist.

Red-Orange Is The Final Color For COIN’s Rainbow Mixtape

There’s nothing better than the Rainbow Mixtape!


COIN, The Band Of Many Colors Talks Their Latest EP, Green-Blue

Feeding COIN fans even more content, check out this THP exclusive interview!


COIN Leaves Us in Awe After Their Virtual Concert

Every detail of a live show, right on your electronic device!

The ‘Sagittarius Superstar’ Music Video Is A Dose Of Pure Serotonin, Courtesy Of COIN

It’s a great day to be a Sagittarius


Join COIN for an Unforgettable and Immersive Virtual Experience

You won’t want to miss this show!

You Know ‘How It Feels’ To Have A Complete COIN Rainbow MixTape? We’re About To Find Out!

We’re having a lot of feelings about the Rainbow MixTape to be honest with you

COIN Transports Us Into A SIMS Like World In Their Latest Music Video

COIN reminds us to live in this new video!