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Let’s Fact Check: How NCT 127 Keeps Coming Back Stronger Than Ever

We’ve done some fact-checking here and there, and the verdict is in: NCT 127 is absolutely incredible!

Here To Many More ‘Memories’ With RIIZE!

When they said, “East to the south, to the north, to the west side, we RIIZE,” we felt it.

NCT 127 Will Show Us A New Side Of Them With The Lost Boys

Don’t disturb us as we cry.

nct 127 ay-yo

NCT 127 Say Ay-Yo And No, We Weren’t Ready

Feeling kinda NEO atm…

nct in 2022

Music Rewind 2022: NCT Got Our Backs Once Again This Year

What a time to be an NCTzen!

nct dream candy

NCT DREAM Gave Us The Best Holiday Gift And It’s Candy

No, we are not crying to ‘Graduation,’ STOP ASKING!

It’s Ten Lee’s World, And We Are All Just Celebrating Our ‘Birthday’ In It

We don’t care what you think, tonight’s our ‘Birthday!’


How To Get Over NCT 127’s New Music Video ‘2 Baddies’: A Guide

We don’t feel like a baddie after watching this MV.

Here’s How NCT 127 Are Making Their Mark On The K-POP Industry

Bless us achoo because our boys are coming back!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Aleyna Tilki On ‘Take It Or Leave It,’ Her Career Path, And Upcoming Projects

We are taking Aleyna and never leaving her, for sure!