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How To Get Over NCT 127’s New Music Video ‘2 Baddies’: A Guide

How To Get Over NCT 127’s New Music Video ‘2 Baddies’: A Guide

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Hey there, fellow NCTzen or person who just saw NCT 127’s new music video, ‘2 Baddies.’ We see you, and we understand you. So far, you have probably stared into the void for four hours and reconsidered your life choices multiple times. Now you are wondering, “How do I get over such a music video?” Well, don’t worry – As always, The Honey POP has got your back. Yes, you heard it right. We have an answer. Ready? You can’t. 

Look, we have tried, okay? We have tried to find a way out. We told ourselves not to sing “2 baddies 2 baddies 1 Porsche” in the office out of nowhere every two minutes. We screamed, “I quit!” multiple times. We did everything possible. But each time, we returned to the ‘2 Baddies’ music video and rewatched it like it was our first time. And you can guess how it went. Screaming, crying, and throwing up. Exactly. 

So instead, we came up with some reasons why we, and most likely you too, can’t get over NCT 127’s very neo-new music video. So, buckle up because, as 127 says, nothing can stay in our way anymore. 

The Holy Intro

Obviously, we need to get into the mood by talking about the intro. Intros are probably one of the most critical parts of a music video and a song. It introduces you to the song, gives you the general vibe of the music video, and for the title tracks of a new album like ‘2 Baddies,’ it gives you brief information on the aesthetic of the new era. But probably the most important thing, it pulls you in. And the ‘2 Baddies’ music video intro gave us all of that. The moment we saw Mark Lee’s face on the screen with cool visual effects, transforming into Nakamoto Yuta’s and then Lee Taeyong’s face, we knew we were about to have breathing problems. Aaaand, we weren’t wrong. Because you know, suddenly, Haechan started to laugh evilly, and Mark started to rap with a “We’re about to slay” smile on his face. And if we didn’t watch the music video for the 98th time, we wouldn’t be able to remember the rest because that was when we fell to the floor screaming. But seriously, the intro of ‘2 Baddies’ totally set the mood for us, and when everything else added up to it, we had the best music video ever.

Lee Taeyong In That Outfit

Image Source: Tumblr

We have no idea how this man can pull off everything he wears, but we are sure about one thing: Nobody does it like him. Taeyong’s look in the music video is very experimental and freaky with tiny details and so much going on, and Taeyong absolutely slays it. In the music video, he uses his cane in the most creative ways, very professionally, adding a lot of depth to his scenes. With that outfit, his intense rapping, iconic facial expressions, and the way he dances, he looks powerful as hell.


Image Source: Tumblr

You should all agree that Mark’s rapping has a certain charm. Every time he opens his mouth, we can’t stop ourselves from saying, “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.” With his facial expressions and hand gestures, he is such a performer that you can tell when he starts rapping that he is ready to set the entire building on fire. We know that Mark’s verses will never let us down. Yet, there is undeniably something special about his flow in ‘2 Baddies.’ The man is literally acting like he doesn’t slay two groups and two world tours at the same time. He gives us his all. Every. Single. Time. Our heads are empty, Mark, only your verse and nothing else.

Rapper Jaehyun!? Hello?

Image Source: Tumblr

Jeong Jaehyun ate and left no crumbs. We probably threw everything on our desks when Jaehyun started rapping while looking like that. We are still questioning what we did to deserve that, but we are not complaining. Even though Jaehyun is a fantastic vocalist, we have a soft spot for rapper Jaehyun from the previous comebacks, and we feel like NCT 127’s team and Jaehyun is very aware of this soft spot. They knew we couldn’t handle this, and yes, we couldn’t. Can’t talk at the moment, “show me, baby, what’s your style” only.

Johnny Suh In That Very Iconic Car Scene

Image Source: Tumblr

Finally, guys. Finally, we got not only one but two Johnny verses. We weren’t expecting this at all, but geez, we are the happiest people in the world at the moment. We will definitely remember the first moment we heard Johnny’s second verse. Looking like the perfect man he is, doing genius footwork as the car moves. Seriously, our minds completely went numb because we were shook. We hope Johnny Suh is sleeping peacefully, knowing that he is such a talented man, and we absolutely adore him.

Go Haechan, Go Haechan, Go Haechan!

Image Source: Tumblr

Can we finally say that “our baby is all grown up?” Because he attacked us with his devilish giggle, piercing gaze, a smirk that made us scream, and of course, verses that slapped. He is another member of our “Strongest Duo” unit along with Mark. Still, with each comeback, Haechan raises the bar higher and higher, leaving us speechless. He’s all cool in the music video, singing his verses and dancing like there’s no tomorrow, and we’re totally into it. Not to mention his adlibs throughout the song. You go, our Full Sun!

Doyoung Driving (Us Crazy)

Image Source: Tumblr

What the hell, Kim Doyoung? He always had us in his chokehold, but this time is different. Are we simply going to ignore that angry, shaky driving with powerful vocals because we don’t intend to do so? Doyoung has always had our hearts with his passion and hard work, and from the very first song we heard from this new NCT 127 era, we knew Doyoung was anticipating it. Another comeback, another slay. Doyoung, you never let us down!

A New Side Of Jungwoo

Image Source: Tumblr

Okay, fine, fine. We were not expecting that. We all know how seriously Jungwoo takes his work, but this one really hits home. Because Kim Jungwoo woke up one day and said, “okay, I’m choosing violence.” Not only can he hit every note, sing in every tone, but he can put on an outstanding performance with his energy in the music video. And the bridge he shared with Jaehyun was definitely unique, and we got to see Jungwoo’s center (then he kicked us in the face, but we needed that). We’re excited to see what Jungwoo brings to this comeback.

“Fill up the tank, pour that gasoline on me, rah!”

Image Source: Tumblr

Yep. Yuta did it. And he was insane for doing it. We had no idea how to react to this line and specific segment of the music video, and we still don’t. We simply go numb, stare at our screens, and murmur, “Yuta?” Let’s face it: he owned this line. Nobody else would have done it the way he did. This, in our opinion, is one of the most impactful parts of the song and music video. Nakamoto Yuta finally let loose the wild vocalist within him, and he provided us with this perfect growling voice line. We are truly blessed.

Moon Taeil Slayed (Again)

Image Source: Tumblr

Taeil has hit a lot of high notes since his debut. He always kills those notes, whether recorded or live. We still lose our minds with each new song because he always manages to surprise us. It’s a classic; if Taeil screams at us during a bridge, we know we’re in for a good song. We knew we would shiver when we saw Taeil in the music video at the end of the bridge. We honestly feel attacked, but we can’t wait to see him hit that note live.

See Also

Rave Party With 95 Line + Jungwoo

Image Source: Tumblr

Now, why weren’t we invited? Everything about the “rave party” part was just *chef’s kiss*, from the visuals and outfits to the performance. And we are sure it was also a very unexpected one. But this part literally screamed “NEO” to our faces with all those neon body prints, neon lights, and four NEOs dancing. We went slightly insane because, you know, we’d do anything to erase our memories and see Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, and Jungwoo perform in a neon room for the first time again.

Insane Outro

NCT 127 started ‘2 Baddies’ with a fantastic intro and ended with an even better outro. The choreography, the beat, the members having fun in their individual shots, the constantly changing center, the “na na na na na”s… a ‘Cherry Bomb’ication of ‘2 Baddies’ that gave us sweet nostalgia. That outro is insane in every way. We wouldn’t be too dramatic if we said the outro completely changed our lives. Would we?

Let The Celebrations Begin!

We finally get that legendary NCT 127 comeback we have been waiting for. With each comeback, our talented 127 members show us a new side of themselves. Ever since they debuted, they have constantly been pushing their boundaries to create something bigger. And, of course, NCTzens never let their hard work go in vain.

Along with NCTzens, Amazon Music will also join the celebration party. Amazon Music Japan Twitch channel will interview with NCT 127 at 7 am ET on September 19, and then the interview will be released on their official YouTube channel on September 20. But it doesn’t end there because we will also get even more content, from voice commentaries to special video content. Don’t forget to get your Amazon Music Unlimited subscription here to get all those special celebration traits. 

Image Source: Tumblr

Order NCT 127’s new album, 2 Baddies, here!

What are you thinking about NCT 127’s ‘2 Baddies?’ Which part of the music video is your absolute favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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