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It’s Ten Lee’s World, And We Are All Just Celebrating Our ‘Birthday’ In It

It’s Ten Lee’s World, And We Are All Just Celebrating Our ‘Birthday’ In It

If you are new to The Honey POP, you need to know that we absolutely adore NCT Ten’s incredible talent that he showcases with every chance he gets. 2022 has been a very busy year for him, but we don’t complain at all, and obviously, he doesn’t, either. After starting the year as one of the judges of China’s Great Dance Crew, Ten proved his passion and talent for dancing once again, and everyone on the internet literally fell in love with him.

Apart from leading his group in the show, he also showed how professional he is when it comes to dancing and mentoring about it. He showcased various dance genres on the show, which made him fall in love with dancing even more, and one of those performances was his new single, ‘Birthday.’

ten birthday
Image Source: SM Entertainment

When he teased us with a fantastic performance where he introduced ‘Birthday’ on Great Dance Crew back in April, our only hope was to get a full studio version of the song on all streaming platforms so we could listen to it 24/7. After coming back to Korea, he granted this wish to us “like it was our birthday,” and ever since the release, he has been breaking the internet. So, we are pretty sure you’ve already heard ‘Birthday,’ along with its legendary choreography, while scrolling down on Twitter. 

‘Birthday’ is the fourth song that was released by different NCT members through NCT LAB following Mark’s ‘Child;’ Mark, Doyoung, and Haechan’s ‘coNEXTion (Age of Light)’ featuring Shotaro’s dance performance; Kun, Taeil, and Yangyang’s ‘Rain Day;’ and Jaehyun’s ‘Forever Only.’

Now hear us out, we heard Ten’s solos before with ‘Dream In A Dream,’ ‘New Heroes,’ and ‘Paint Me Naked,’ but there is something about ‘Birthday’ that made it our queen. When Ten’s beautiful vocals that create a dreamy atmosphere within the song combined with a dark, sexy (yes, you know it) theme with exciting lyrics and mind-blowing choreography, it took our breath away. If you were around THP HQ during the release day, sorry for the screams. We were celebrating our ‘Birthday.’

Shortly after the release, SM gifted us a dance practice video on the company’s new channel, SMP Floor, which was basically how the song’s choreography went viral. And we weren’t surprised because after all, Ten is a dancer whose skills have been appreciated multiple times by K-Pop’s dancing king Lee Taemin, and who would disagree with him when he thinks this highly of Ten?

Ten is absolutely one of the best dancers in the industry, and we don’t plan to stop talking about it until the whole universe accepts it, but at least he makes everything easy with his outstanding performances. By the way he moves so smoothly, he is captivating so many people out there, and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

What else makes Ten a great performer and a great artist, in general, is his ability to communicate with his body. ‘Birthday’ is a great song when you only listen to it, too, but when you watch Ten performing to it, it becomes something else. Something more powerful, like he gives his all to the song. Everyone thought he was a great dancer when he debuted, but he didn’t stop there. He kept evolving and becoming much better at dancing, and we still don’t think he’s showed his full capability to the world. Oh, when he does that, we are done for good. With Ten’s natural performance instincts and talent, we know he is unstoppable. In the end, he doesn’t make art only, he embodies the art. 

We know that he gives his best to be an even more outstanding performer, and we hope he knows we will support him through his journey. So, it’s your turn. What do you love the most about Ten’s performances? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram! If you want to read more NCT content, we gotchu!



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