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NCT 127 Will Show Us A New Side Of Them With The Lost Boys

NCT 127 Will Show Us A New Side Of Them With The Lost Boys

Prepare your tissues, fam. You know NCT 127 are coming to hurt us, and we will gladly accept that. The long-awaited NCT 127 documentary The Lost Boys is coming to Disney+ with its first two episodes on August 30, and we have complicated feelings about it. Don’t get us wrong, we are so excited because we’re finally going to see a new side of our Ilichil, but we are talking about NCT 127 here, a group that has us on the floor crying every time they open their mouth to say something emotional.

From the trailer and teasers alone, we already don’t know how we’ll cope when we watch the documentary. We know it will destroy us and we accept our fate. But you know what? Even if it will hurt us, we are still glad that the boys are comfortable enough to talk about their struggles through their careers with us, and we will appreciate them forever. So, to prepare ourselves, and you, let’s check what we know about NCT 127: The Lost Boys so far!

1. The Name “Lost Boys”

If you have seen or read Peter Pan (we all did, let’s be honest here), you know what it means to be “Lost Boys.” In the Peter Pan universe, the Lost Boys are the little boys in Neverland who help Peter with his adventures. The significant thing about them is that they never grow up. This is the central theme of NCT 127: The Lost Boys. Leaving home in their early childhoods to join the company and get trained to become members of one of the most influential groups in the industry, is the summary of NCT 127. Some members even left their country when they were still children. Leaving your parents to get yourself a job, in a sense, means you need to grow up earlier than you are supposed to, and that is something NCT 127 experienced deeply. However, their childhood is still stuck with them, and they show their inner children in frequent situations. The documentary’s name is so clever and suited to NCT 127. In the end, they are the boys who couldn’t grow up in the usual way other kids did. 

“I think this is a chance we’ll be able to show each person’s personality, character and story.”


2. A NEO Essay: Stories We Have Never Heard Before

“Neo Essay, there are members who go inside their own dreams…”


NCT 127 is a group that aren’t afraid of being open to their fans. We have seen them vulnerable multiple times with their speeches at their concerts, conversations on YouTube, and more. This is one of the things we adore most about our boys. Them being so open about their feelings makes us respect them even more. However, according to them, NCT 127: The Lost Boys is something we have never seen before, something we can’t even anticipate. We’ll see them opening up about things they have never dared to speak about before. We are so excited to hear those stories and show our support throughout.

“I am looking forward to be able to show another side of ourselves.”


3. The Nicknames As The Themes Of Their Stories 

After the trailer, Disney+ started to release various teasers of NCT 127: The Lost Boys and one of them was the “nicknames.” The nicknames of the boys in this documentary represent their stories so well, giving us a sneak peek of the experiences they will open about. The nickname for the boys in age order is “The Lucky Unlucky Boy” for Taeil, “Forever Trainee” for Johnny, “The One Who Is Holding The Cross” for Taeyong, “Butterfly That Lost Its Wings” for Yuta, “Diligent Student” for Doyoung, “The Man Who Became The King” for Jaehyun, “The Crying Clow” for Jungwoo, “Nomad Model Student” for Mark, and “Adult Child” for Haechan. Even the nicknames are enough for us to sit down and sob, right? We can guess the meanings and stories behind some of them, and some of them are so new to us. It’s clear how those nicknames must hide intensely emotional meanings behind them, and we are glad for the boys for opening up about those stories.

“I think the biggest feature is that Czennies will be able to hear stories that they could never have imagined.”


4. A Different Approach To “Idol Documentaries”

We all know that NCT 127 is the blueprint for K-POP’s experimental music. Ever since their debut, everything they have done has been unique, and this is on being “Neo.” When their music is so different from what we usually hear in K-POP, we can’t expect to get an ordinary idol documentary from them, can we? 

“NCT 127: The Lost Boys is in a different dimension than other idol documentaries.”


With NCT 127: The Lost Boys, the boys take the idea of “idol documentary” to another level, just like they did with music. While they are talking about their pasts and showing the effects those stories have on their current selves, they will perform. Of course, they are performers; what is new here, you might ask. They will perform their stories with plays, animations, performance art, dancing, and, of course, singing. For example, Johnny will show his struggles during his trainee years and how he managed to handle these struggles through improv play, Mark will show his journey to becoming an idol through meta play, and Taeyong will portray how he became a leader through a children’s play. And, of course, the list goes on with the other members and different kinds of performance art. In short, we won’t only get to hear their stories that they couldn’t talk about so far, but we will also get to see their other talents through this documentary. This is one of the things that make NCT 127 so special. They are so connected with art, any form of it, and they take challenges to portray what made them the person they are today. We can’t help but appreciate these boys with every step they take in their careers. Can you blame us, though? 

“A documentary that doesn’t follow the framework of pre-existing works. It’s a memory that’s extremely fresh and NCT 127-like.”


5. We Will See Memories From Johnny’s Camera

On August 26, Disney+ released an interview with the boys called What’s In My Memory on their YouTube channel. In the video, Johnny mentioned that his item for the documentary was a camera because he had a secret mission for it. In the trailer and stills released so far, we have seen Johnny showing the photos of the NCT 127 members that he took with his camera, so we believe his secret mission is showing the memories of the boys through his perspective. 

“It’s very new to share moments of our past through our present selves.”


Since we’ve got to know Johnny, we know his passion for photography. Multiple times on NCT 127’s social accounts, we’ve seen members’ photos taken by Johnny under “Johntography.” He is the memory collector of NCT 127, so we are not surprised that we will get to see more photos for such a special occasion. 

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Crowd picture. Image credits: Brittaney Penney

6. The Depth Of Members’ Relationships With Each Other

“Even though it’s our 8th year since debuting, since we’ve never done this kid of documentary before, it made me think of a lot of things in a positive way.”


Sometimes, when it comes to a K-POP group, the members can be just “co-workers,” this is understandable because they were put in a group by the companies based on their talents for the company goals. However, this is not the case with NCT 127, and we know it. Even before their debut as trainees, they relied on each other and helped each other overcome all the hardships they faced as a group or as individuals. They knew each other for a long time and grew up together like a family. They are not afraid to show how much their fellow members mean to them, and instead, they talk about it with every chance they get. They cherish each other so much, and we know that. However, even though we can make some assumptions as fans, we don’t know the depth of their relationships, especially since it goes back to their trainee days. With NCT 127: The Lost Boys, we are about to figure it out.

One of the promo pics released by Disney+ was the “unit pics” of Mark & Haechan and Yuta & Taeil. Mark & Haechan’s unit picture says, “We were lonely until we met and became soulmates.” And Yuta & Taeil’s say, “You, me, and the one dream that we picture.” See? Under those sentences, some stories will hurt us deeply, and we know it. 

“It is very fascinating and each and every member’s narrative is a spectacle.”


Starting from August 30, 2023, with two opening episodes, NCT 127: The Lost Boys will be released on Disney+, and we can’t wait to watch this “Neo Essay.” US NCTzens also check out the documentary for free on Hulu!

What are you most excited about NCT 127: The Lost Boys? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Discord, Instagram, and Facebook!



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