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The Honey POP’s Favorite K-Pop Songs Of 2022

Did your faves make our list?

We’re Spilling Our GUTS, These Are Our Setlist Requests For Olivia Rodrigo

Yes, we will be front and center for the GUTS world tour, what about it?

5 Covers That Prove Why Hyunjin Is One Of Stray Kids’ Main Dancers

Proof that Hwang Hyunjin is way more than just a pretty face!


5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan SuperM (And Take This Cool Quiz Maybe)

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K-Pop august

K-POP HOTSPOT: June 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

June was hot not only in temperature but also music!

K-POP HOTSPOT: June 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

This hot tunes were perfect for the hot weather!

K-POP HOTSPOT: March 2023 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

Spring is here and the music keeps. getting better!


SuperM Jops Their Way To #1

They’re gonna jop jop jop… jop to the top!

The Weekly Buzz: Swarm Wishes For You

We’re not pollen your leg, this is all the buzz

The Honey POP’s Top 50 Albums Of 2022

Did your faves make it to the list?