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Valley Releases New Single, ‘Break For You’

We’re absolutely in love with this new love song!

We Are Intoxicated With Tiiva’s New Single!

Are you ready for your new obsession? Tiiva is right here for some dreamful hyper pop with their new single!

Savings Gives Us Nostalgia With New Single, ‘American Psycho’

This song is like an iconic anthem from the 2000’s!

We’re Losing Our Minds Over Emei’s New Single ‘Scatterbrain’

Emei lets us know it’s okay to be a ‘Scatterbrain’ sometimes!

Behind The Lyrics Of Fritz Hager’s New Single ‘Caroline’

brb changing our name to ‘Caroline’

NERIAH Pulls At Our Heartstrings With Her Dazzling New Single

NERIAH is pulling hard on our heartstrings with her amazing new single!

Neon Waltz Return With Relatable New Single, ‘Thoughts / Dreams / Regrets’

It’s the perfect song for your sunny spring drive!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: All About Fake Shark’s New Single ‘Paranoid’

All things ‘Paranoid’! Dive into the making, the inspo, and more.

We’re Calling Lovejoy’s New Single, ‘Call Me What You Like’ Our New Favorite Song

We can’t get enough of Lovejoy’s new single, ‘Call Me What You Like’

Budjerah Releases Dynamic New Single ‘Therapy,’ And We Are In Love!

We are welcoming this new single with open arms and open ears!