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Vernon Of Seventeen Is Looking ‘Hot’ For His Debut Solo Mixtape, Black Eye

Vernon Of Seventeen Is Looking ‘Hot’ For His Debut Solo Mixtape, Black Eye

Carats, prepare for the bops and head-banging that’s about to come this week. Vernon from the award-winning, chart-topping group, Seventeen, will be releasing his first solo mixtape on December 23! As a member of the hip-hop unit and a notable rapper from the 3rd generation, his mixtape is highly anticipated. As a singer, rapper, and songwriter, he will showcase many of his skills in his debut mixtape. We couldn’t be more excited to hear it; we all know carats are even more excited! Vernon is not a newbie to the rap scene, being active for over seven years. Here are some of his best solos and verses to keep you on your toes for his mixtape!

Vernon shows off teasers for his mixtape, Black Eye.
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From Seventeen’s Face The Sun album, Vernon delivers in ‘Ash.’ He blows everyone away with his deep voice, turning us all into a puddle. ‘Ash’ showed off his skills and why he is a member of the hip-hop unit. His flow, flawless. His charisma, untouchable. Our hearts, stolen. ‘Ash’ is one of the best songs that show off his rapping and mature side to Vernon’s usual sound.

‘Bands Boy’

Bands Boy‘ was a surprise release from Vernon in 2021. Vernon raps in English, showing everyone that no matter the language he will serve a five-course meal! He touches on his personal life, hinting that he dropped out of 8th grade and how he has been by Seventeen’s side for 10 years. Listening to ‘Bands Boy’ makes us wonder, will we get some English tracks from his new mixtape? Will he continue to tell his story? Whatever the case, we hope to hear more songs like ‘Bands Boy’ in his debut.

‘I Can’t Run Away’

The hip-hop unit’s song from Attaca took a separate route from their usual songs and showed us a different side to Vernon. Rather than his powerful rapping, Vernon demonstrated his singing skills and honey vocals. Rapping in Korean, and English and he can sing? Vernon always shows off how multi-talented he is. Did we also mention how he wrote and composed this song? The list never ends!

‘Beg For You Remix’

Let’s be honest, we all want a piece of Vernon and so does the music world. He’s so good that Western artists want him to be in their songs! Alongside Charli CXC and Rina Sawayama, Vernon features on the remix of ‘Beg For You.’ An iconic collab alongside two outstanding women, Vernon shows off more of his singing in this song. International fans loved this collab and we look forward to more English songs from him, maybe on the mixtape!


Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular. These are some words that come to mind when we think of ‘Trauma.’ Arguably the best song done by Seventeen’s hip-hop unit, ‘Trauma’ was one of Vernon’s most iconic verses. Paired with his stunning visuals in the music video, he shows off his powerful and emotion-filled rap in this song. You must listen to this song before hearing his debut mixtape! With the vibe of his teasers, we think we’ll hear songs with the same sound as ‘Trauma’ in the mixtape!

While everyone waits for his mixtape, we hope you’ll listen to some of the songs we recommended here. Vernon’s talents never stop! You can hear more of his amazing verses in other Seventeen songs or features. What sound are you expecting from his debut? Do you think there may be some familiar faces if he decides to have features? Let us know in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or check us out on Facebook and Instagram!

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