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5 Reasons Charlotte Sands Is A Name To Watch

5 Reasons Charlotte Sands Is A Name To Watch

Known for her feature on Sleeping with Sirens’ 2022 song ‘Let You Down,’ Charlotte Sands has quickly risen to fame and notoriety in the blink of an eye. And here at TheHoneyPop, we know that Sands will go far.

She’s a Modern-Day Genre-Bender

Charlotte Sands is known for her ability to blend through genres, mixing the post-hardcore and punk world with modern pop. Sands continues to push the boundaries. ‘Want You Like That’ is a great guitar-heavy track for headbanging and intense emotions reminiscent of her post-hardcore collaborations. ‘All My Friends Are Falling in Love’ is the perfect bittersweet song about jealousy. ‘Bad Day’ talks about it not being a phase – and I mean… yeah, it wasn’t – before going into a trap-influenced breakdown.

She Loves Men Who Wear Dresses <3

We know you know her song ‘Dress,’ inspired by the iconic Harry Styles Vogue cover. And her disbelief that it was such a big deal. Not only did she write the song about Styles (which is fantastic in itself), but it’s more than that too. Sands was writing about gender expression and being a woman who found confident men attractive, regardless of their expression. She’s a Harrie, and she’s woke. We love a passionate, educated woman.

A Collaborative Goddess

Since Sands’s beginning, she’s racked up over 135 million streams with her own songs and collaborations with a range of artists, ranging from Underoath to The Maine. She’s performed in shows with YUNGBLUD, My Chemical Romance, and more. Living the absolute fangirl dream. She gives fangirl energy – which is always a plus.

She’s Also Very Safe and Comforting

She wants everyone to feel safe and empowered, and good when listening to her music. Her ultimate goal? To “create a safe space for people to feel accepted and celebrated for their weirdness and diversity.” At a time when the world feels cruel, Sands’s good energy and positive influence are ones everyone should get behind.

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She Knows How to Make Very Therapeutic Sad Hours Bop

Charlotte Sands’s inspired by bands like All Time Low and Taking Back Sunday and songwriters like Sheryl Crow and Bonnie Ratt. She’s a shining example of new-age music, meshing whatever genres she sees fit together. And her brand new track, ‘Alright,’ is reminiscent of a pop ballad with punching synth in the pre-chorus and beautiful belting. Sands takes the classic ballad and uses ‘emo’ lyrics over the top, a crescendo at the end of the song that causes goosebumps to scatter along our arms. We love the way she makes sure the song and the backing track continue to develop and change throughout the song, always progressing. ‘Alright’ is the kind of song you want to blare when driving around in the middle of the night – for therapeutic reasons, obviously.

Charlotte Sands is a name to watch, and she’s currently on tour with PVRIS in Europe. (We’re so jealous). She’s a Harrie, inspired by emo bands, wants to spread good vibes, and her newest single shows so much promise and potential with her eclectic music. Why not stan her? We are. Let us know if you are too at @thehoneypop on Twitter.


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