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4 Times E’LAST’s Seungyeop Melted Us With His Vocals

4 Times E’LAST’s Seungyeop Melted Us With His Vocals

E'LAST Seungyeop

Getting on the E’LAST fan train would get you hooked on all of their content and members. So, when one of them leaves to fulfill their military service, it’s only natural to miss them and feel their absence. This is why we’re here to share some things we’ve been replaying a lot after member Seungyeop’s enlistment at the end of January.

Seungyeop is a talented vocalist, which we’re sure you know if you’ve listened to any of E’LAST’s tracks. For newer fans and for older ones who just want to hear HQ vocals again, we’ve selected four songs in which he melts us with his voice alone. Here we go!

‘The Moment My Heart’ Cover

Vocalists shine in many ways, through many genres, and we can’t skip on a classic one, such as ballads. We went back to appreciate E’LAST Seungyeop’s clear voice from when he covered Super Junior member Kyuhyun’s solo piece ‘The Moment My Heart.’ Everything from the song to the atmosphere of this cover clip gives off a soft feel which reaches and touches our hearts. We’re in heaven from listening to the artist singing, swaying slowly to the tune while fully captivated by him.

‘Instagram’ Cover With Wonjun

For our next pick, we’re keeping the gentle mood and adding another member to present this duet between Seungyeop and Wonjun. The two covered DEAN’s ‘Instagram,’ giving it a different appeal with their own vocals. They even released two videos, a ‘Day’ and ‘Dream’ version, and we picked to share the latter because aren’t they both just dreamy? We’re not sorry for being cheesy.

2020 K-Pop Mashup

Back in 2020, Seungyeop, along with fellow groupmates Baekgyeul, Romin, Wonhyuk, and Yejun, took part in a beautiful K-Pop mashup. Singing to hit songs from that year, the boys not only gave them a whole new sound but also showcased their own stunning vocals. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy this one as it’s filled with plenty of hits from your favorites from that year. We want to take a moment to point out Seungyeop’s short but wonderful moment singing trot to Youngtak’s ‘Jjiniya.’ This is us hoping to hear more trot from him after his return; we’re pleading.


Last on this list, but not in our hearts, we picked E’LAST’s ‘Shelter’ from their mini-album ROAR. This is one of the many songs from the boys which we hold dear, and to be completely honest, Seungyeop’s parts are some of our favorite ones from the track. You have no idea (or maybe you do!) about how happy we are that we got an official Live for ‘Shelter!’ We not only get smooth singing but also an expressive performance from all of them.

Before we say goodbye, we wanted to have a special mention moment for a pre-debut cover of Kim Dongryul’s ‘Thanks.’ This is another powerful single which showcases Seungyeop’s large range and how clear he sounds. Did you really think we wouldn’t list this?

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How did you like our picks? We believe E’LAST Seungyeop’s voice shines no matter what he does, be it alone or with his members. There is no way to mistake it! Did we convince you to go watch more of his covers and performances? Drop by our TwitterFacebook, or Instagram, and let us know which are your favorites!

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