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Set it Off With These Six Offset Bangers

Set it Off With These Six Offset Bangers

On the heels of Offset’s album announcement, we’ve been curating the perfect playlist to get us hype before October 13. We’ve included our six favorite Offset songs, the best ways to listen to them, and how to pre-save his newest album before it officially drops 🤫.

‘Ric Flair Drip’

We all know Offset’s got that ‘Ric Flair Drip.’ That’s why it must be the first song on our playlist. Start the party off right with this banger that’ll get you and your besties off your feet and onto the dancefloor! 🪩 Better yet, “Hop in the Bentley,” push on the gas (but don’t drive too fast), and blast the song until you can’t stand it no more! 🛣️


As a mega-‘FAN,’ we had to include his newest drop! This intoxicating beat is Offset’s newest single and will be featured on the new album, thank goodness 🔥! The brand-new music video has us in a chokehold, and we can’t stop watching! From Offset’s references to icon Michael Jackson to the cinematic direction, it’s definitely one of our favorite music video drops of the year! Watch it now to transcend into another dimension! ❤️‍🔥

“I’ve been working on this project for over two years now. This season is personal for me. It marks a new chapter in my life…I feel like Michael Jackson coming from a successful group breaking records to superstardom on my own. This body of work is healing for me and a letter to my fans and supporters.”

Offset stated in a press release in preparation for the new album.


‘JEALOUSY’ is the third song on our Offset playlist! Featuring our queen, Cardi B, we know you’ll be creating delusional situations just to cause “a lot of drama” with your imaginary boyfriend 🫢. For a little less drama, put this song on when you are in need of a bit of self-care, as Offset encourages us to be “Coolin’ in the mansion with the bubbles in the bath” 🫧.

‘Ghostface Killers’

‘Ghostface Killers’ is up next. This song opens up Offset’s 2017 album, Without Warning, and gets us so excited for spooky season 👻!

‘Silk & Cologne’

One of our favorite Offseat beats, ‘Silk & Cologne,’ is the second to last record on our playlist. Featured on the Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse album 🕷, we constantly come back to this song when we need a moment to chill. We love it when Offset creates bangers for films, and we hope his upcoming music will have another big-screen moment! 🍿


Okay, the chill vibes are over! It’s time to end the party with ‘Taste.’ This throwback brings us back to 2018, the summer of the best music! Going into freshmen year of college with this banger in front of us was the highlight of the year! Can’t wait until we get a ‘Taste’ of the new music on Set it Off

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The highly anticipated album, Set it Off drops on October 13 and we will definitely be adding our top favorites to this playlist 🎶! We can only hope Offset will feature our favorite rappers and musicians and drop more music videos that make us gag! Pre-order Set it Off now and cop the hottest merch here

Let us know your favorite Offset song in the comments below or by buzzing us over on Twitter! 🐝


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