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Interview: We Talk With Camryn About Her Brand New Single ‘EZEZ’ And How She’s Evolved As An Artist Since Her 1D Touring Days

Interview: We Talk With Camryn About Her Brand New Single ‘EZEZ’ And How She’s Evolved As An Artist Since Her 1D Touring Days

Do you remember how as a kid, you’d sit and watch teen superstars who were around about your age and tour the world, record killer music and how you would often daydream about what that was like? Well for Camryn, that was her reality. She released her debut single at the tender age of 11 and has had a rollercoaster of a career ever since.

Camryn Interview
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Some of you may remember her opening for One Direction during the height of their career on their ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Take Me Home’ tours and for Fifth Harmony a few years later on their ‘727’ tour. And for our older readers, you may even remember her touring with the likes of Cody Simpson and Greyson Chance back in the day. She’s featured on the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, MTV, and Teen Vogue, to mention a few, and her previous single, ‘LoveSick’, earned her the youngest indie act to chart Billboard Top40 since LeAnn Rimmes in 1997. So, you know, the usual stuff we do during puberty.

Ten years have seen Camryn deal with growing up in a more public space as opposed to others and has seen her handle it like a boss and her sound has evolved with her. After some quiet time to get her head down in the studio, she is back with her brand new single, ‘EZEZ’, which the singer claims comes from her best work yet. Having been fans of her since we were teens ourselves, The Honey POP caught up with Camryn to talk about her latest track, her growth, and her views of her career as a young adult.

Hey Camryn! So it’s been a little while since your last single, ‘Glow’ – how would you say your sound has evolved?

I’ve taken a lot of time to create what I think is my best body of work thus far. As I get older I learn more about music and life and I think that’s reflected in my music! 

And we are so excited about it!Your brand new single is called ‘EZEZ’, what can you tell us about it? 

EZEZ is such a lively song it really about how the beginning of a relationship should be fun and well, easy! There can be a lot of pressure that comes with dating someone new and this song reminds people to keep it light and enjoyable. 

Camryn Interview
Image Source: courtesy of Camryn

How would you describe the single in 3 emojis?  


We can definitely see how that works!You’ve been in the studio working hard – what are three must-haves you need in the studio? 

I wrote lyrics on my phone so I have to have that. I also love a good food break and perhaps a coffee or tea! 

A lot of bigger fandoms know you as the girl who opened for their favourite artists, but what is something you’d like them to know about you as new fans? 

That is a huge part of my career and I and proud to have some amazing tours under my belt! For those who haven’t seen me perform, they can look forward to new and improved shows that will make you want to dance, cry, and laugh all at the same time!

Having seen you live ourselves, we can for sure testify to that! We wanna know more about your music taste – putting your current playlist on shuffle, what three songs come up? 

– Slide Away- Miley Cyrus
– Hot Girl Bummer- Blackbear
– Flagpole Sitta- Harvey Danger (just recently brought this back into rotation on my daily playlists. Classic!) 

Okay, they all truly slap! Which female artists are empowering you lately? 

Lizzo, Halsey, Billie Eilish, Bebe Rexha, and of course Beyoncé! There are so many more women I could mention but these 5 really stand out to me! 

Solid choices! We stan them all. You’ve been doing some more intimate performances in Los Angeles lately, which is kind of like another world compared to performing in arenas to support the likes of One Direction and Fifth Harmony! How would you describe the differences for you as an artist?

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Honestly, I am just as nervous playing to 5 people as I am playing to 50,000 people. I love the intimacy of a smaller show but for me, it’s about the quality of the show, not the amount of people watching. No matter how big or small of an artist you are, everyone performs more intimate shows every once in a while it’s a very special way to watch someone you admire perform. There are pros and cons to each.  

You’ve achieved a lot since your debut single ‘Wait and See’ almost 10 years ago! What’s something you look back on and feel most proud of? 

I am so grateful for all the experiences I’ve been blessed enough to do. I have grown so much in the last 10 years both musically and physically. I’m extremely proud that no matter what music comes first and I think 10 years of dedication proves that. One of the hardest parts of this career is to keep pushing forward even when people or circumstances try to push you back. You have to keep fighting for what you love and I will continue to do that. 

That is such an amazing attitude to have in regards to your industry! We know you’re working your socks off on more music – how would you describe what we can expect from you in 280 characters AKA the length of a tweet? 

Expect a badass body of work that will take you on a journey. I wanted to tell a story that people could follow but also relate to. There’s a song for everyone! You can also expect many more shows featuring acoustic songs as well as the classic rock n roll sound we all love! 

Thanks, Camryn! EZEZ is 100% a certified bop and we at The Honey POP are obsessed!

Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ Camryn's New Single EZEZ
Image source: courtesy of Camryn

Check out Camryn’s latest single ‘EZEZ’ here

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