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Interview: Josh of With Confidence Chats about Songs That Saved My Life Vol. 2

Interview: Josh of With Confidence Chats about Songs That Saved My Life Vol. 2

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Josh Brozzesi, drummer of Australian pop punk band With Confidence, chatted with us about their cover of ‘Drops of Jupiter’! The cover appears on the compilation Songs That Saved My Life Volume 2. Hopeless Records released the album to benefit mental health and suicide prevention organizations.

So With Confidence recorded an awesome cover of ‘Drops of Jupiter’ for Songs That Saved My Life Volume 2. How are you feeling after recording and releasing a cover of such an iconic song in this scene?

It’s nice to hear that it’s an important song to a lot of people. Recording a cover is also always a lot of fun in the studio. It’s just a little more relaxed than working on original music. Our band also started by coming together and playing covers of songs we liked for fun on weekends so it’s a nice homage to how we started.

Such a nice homage! How did you decide what song to choose, and how did you settle on the classic song made famous by Train?

It was really hard to narrow down a song we all had strong connection to. We made a bunch of playlists of songs we liked from the 90s and 00s and eventually after jamming a few songs over a few rehearsals we landed on this one and it felt the best!

The music video feels like we’re watching your memories back on repeat. Was that nostalgia intentional? What inspired that direction for the video?

This was the first time we’ve shot on 8mm film. I think that definitely adds to the nostalgia. We shot around LA and in a bunch of spots that were important to us and the director so there is a connection there for sure. We thought about the video for a while and after bouncing ideas back and forth, we landed on the storyline of a daughter moving away to college. The story behind the lyrics was also a big inspiration as Pat Monahan wrote the song about the losing his mother who he says was the most important person in his life.

Were there other songs that the band considered covering?

Our shortlist also had ‘Jumper’ by Third Eye Blind and ‘Get What You Give’ by New Radicals, but I’d also love to cover ‘Sun In An Empty Room’ by The Weakerthans.

All of those would’ve been great choices! When you’re feeling down, what’s the music you gravitate towards for a nice pick-me-up?

For a long, long time it was a record called Warpaint by The Dangerous Summer. A girl introduced me to it at 19 and it was always helpful in times of apathy and self pity. The most recent album I’ve spun a lot is Stranger In The Alps by Phoebe Bridgers but it’s been out two years now so maybe it’s time to discover something new.

Finally, in lieu of the subject matter and purpose behind STSML, what is one thing you’d say to anyone out there who is struggling to find hope?

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We just want to assure people that it’s okay to not be okay. Myself and my friends, I‘ve seen first hand how they have struggled with overwhelming guilt for feeling sad. It’s a really toxic cycle that makes everything worse. Feeling sad should never make you feel guilty…it’s something to be aware of, embrace, work on and talk to people about. I’m so happy mental awareness is slowly being taken more seriously. The stigma is slowly being lifted and it’s finally beginning to be treated like the lethal disease that it is. More than anything you should talk to someone. A professional sounds scary but I would say a therapy session is beneficial for anyone!

Songs That Saved My Life Volume 2 is available across all streaming platforms. Hopeless Records chose to donate proceeds to Crisis Text Line, To Write Love On Her Arms, The Trevor Project, and Hope For The Day. All four of these charities do incredible work and for more information on them, click the links in their respective names.

With Confidence’s cover featured on this album is a work of art, and it benefits a great cause. Do you love their spin on the classic 2000s hit? Let us know in the comments or tweet @TheHoneyPop!

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