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BTS Are Here to Remind Us That ‘Life Goes On’ With the Announcement of Their New Single! Here’s How They’ve Been Comforting ARMY This Year

BTS Are Here to Remind Us That ‘Life Goes On’ With the Announcement of Their New Single! Here’s How They’ve Been Comforting ARMY This Year

We are less than a month away from the new BTS album BE and as if we weren’t already totally hyped, the lead single ‘Life Goes On’ has just been announced and we’re just getting ready by preparing the tissues and ensuring any of our makeup we wear is waterproof.

It’s not breaking news that 2020 has totally scuppered life plans for everyone and BTS have been vocal about how it’s affected them as individuals as well as artists. However, during the dark times they have strived to make sure they can be the light for their beloved ARMY ,and when they’ve not been interacting with them through social media, they’ve been hard at work on their new album with a message of hope, positivity, and support for those battling with the difficulties we’ve been facing this year.

‘Life Goes On’ has been announced as the lead single from BE, which is a message of healing by declaring “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on.” Fans were quick to speculate that the title would be included with the album’s message as it was the ending statement the septet gave at their speech at the United Nations back in September.

The Bangtan Boys were supposed to have headed out on their world stadium tour Map Of The Soul this year, but their plans were quickly halted with the rise of the pandemic. However, while they couldn’t connect with ARMY in person, the boys refused to let their connection die out in the time that was supposed to be spent with the fans. Here are some of the ways that BTS have been supporting fans during the difficult times

Recreational Livestreams

When not busying themselves with working on the new album, members often took to VLIVE to get up to some fun activities as a way to connect with ARMY. From decorating their ARMY bombs, to coloring pages, to cooking and even making bracelets, they promoted staying at home and staying connected online to create the feeling of togetherness even when we’ve had to be apart.

Sharing The Journey Of The Album

This album has had the highest rating in member participation with each of the boys taking on a crucial role in the production. And with a new approach to creating the record, they’ve been sure to take fans along for the ride by updating them and giving them insight to planning by live streaming meetings and tasks they’ve been set. With BE already set to be a personal record, it’s going to feel that extra special for fans who followed the journey as they see the final result

Releasing ‘Dynamite’

It was never in BTS’s original plans to release an all-English song, but with 2020 giving constant plot twists, we can’t be too surprised as we expect the unexpected. In a time where being happy felt like a rarity, BTS wanted to cheer up fans and music lovers alike by delivering a fun and cheerful song to boost spirits, and thus ‘Dynamite‘ was born. And it seems as though it did just the trick because it earned them their first number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and broke numerous records with the release. We are so proud!

A Virtual Festival

Even if they couldn’t be there in real-time, BTS still had plans for ARMY! The first BangBangCon was a 2-day event that live-streamed old concert DVDs and fan events so older fans could relive precious moments and new fans could witness what they had missed. It connected fans around the world and was a great nostalgia trip for many.

Virtual Concerts

Image Courtesy: Big Hit Entertainment

Of course, while BangBangCon was a hoot, it was no match to seeing the boys perform a never-seen-before concert and we got three! BangBangCon: The Live took place of this year’s Muster (an annual event held by BTS to celebrate their anniversary) which saw them perform some of their hit songs, new songs from Map of the Soul: 7, and even sneak peeks of performances that were prepared for tour.

With no signs of the pandemic ending this year, BTS then made the decision to take their hard work of creating their concert that was to tour and turned it into two online concerts for fans around the world to get to see their creation and have the next best thing in terms of a concert experience. Lucky ARMY were also picked to be in the on-screen audience where BTS could see them react in real-time and even sing along with them to their songs just like at face-to-face performances. Needless to say, the phenomenal Map of the Soul On:e also broke records along with BangBangCon: The Live, earning the septet more Guinness World Records to add to their ever-growing collection.

It’s pretty clear that the love BTS has for their fans is infinite and this year has been a prime example. We are so thankful for the boys and are proud to be ARMY.

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Are you excited for BE? How many boxes of tissues do you think we’ll need for BTS’ ‘Life Goes On?’ Let us know what you think down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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