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‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’ And 6 Other This Wild Life Songs That Made Us Cry

‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’ And 6 Other This Wild Life Songs That Made Us Cry

This Wild Life

This Wild Life has graced us with a new single and boy is it heartwrenching! In a year that has been nothing short of an emotional roller coaster, This Wild Life is tugging at our heartstrings once more with their achingly beautiful new single ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’. And it is truly heartbreakingly beautiful, we cannot get enough. You can listen to ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’ on your favorite platform here.

This One Hurts Like Hell

The song boasts angelic harmonies and sweetly delicate melodies, showing a band that has persevered through the pain. This Wild Life parted ways with their label after 6 years and 3 incredible albums and they are offering us now new raw music we can relate to. Starting with this first release.

Our first offering looks back at love and loss for the very first time and the callous that grows after. This next chapter is not only betting on ourselves, but betting on the love and support of our fans. To continue sharing our passion with you is a gift that Anthony and I are exceedingly grateful for.

Kevin Jordan

But ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’ is not the only song that has made our hearts ache. Now that the band is starting a new journey, let’s have a look at their previously released albums especially these 6 songs that made us cry.

‘Concrete’ (2014)

Kevin and Anthony have the most beautiful harmonies and this song is so raw and needs to be enjoyed with their live vocals. We can’t help but cry.

‘No More Bad Days’ (2014)

We wish we’d never have to experience bad days again but those are the ones that make the good ones so much sweeter. And this beautiful song is just too good and soothing to not cry over.

‘Falling Down’ (2016)

We have all felt like we fell to the ground with no way back up, but we know the people who are around us are the ones who will be there. And ‘Falling Down’ is all about hope and getting back up on your feed.

‘Positively Negative’ (2018)

Give This Wild Life a car and instruments and they are giving us a bop of the decade. ‘Positively Negative’ seems to be a great motto for our life and This Wild Life is providing us with the content.

‘Take It Back’ (2013)

This is a beautiful rock ballad and the guitar instrumental in this is everything. This Wild Life just makes the most relatable music and we hope they never stop nor ‘Take It Back’.

‘Another Fight’ (2012)

When This Wild Life was still full-on rock/punk they dropped this absolute hit and you can’t help but get up and jump around to it. It feels empowering and heartbreaking at the same time and we are here to stay and cry.

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We have been fans of This Wild Life for a long time and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. We are already obsessed with ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’ and won’t stop hitting replay for a while.

What do you think about ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time’? What’s your favorite song by This Wild Life? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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