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8 Kang Daniel Songs to Complete Your Playlist

8 Kang Daniel Songs to Complete Your Playlist


Kang Daniel is one of K-Pop’s biggest soloist. The idol had his start on the idol survival show, Produce 101, where he placed first and debuted as the center of the boy group Wanna One. Which made him truly Nation’s Pick. Since going solo, the idol has dropped three EPs and among these are some real bops, and they should be on your K-Pop playlist. Kang Daniel is one of the youngest CEO’s in the K-Pop industry as he has established his own entertainment company KONNECT Entertainment. That’s why the idol is so heavily involved in his music, and he does not lack talent. An all-rounder right out of the books! Daniel also has an impressive number of album sales every comeback and has quite a few awards to his name. We hope you will find your new favorite song among these eight Kang Daniel songs!

‘TOUCHIN” (2019)

‘TOUCHIN” was Kang Daniel’s first single after his debut EP color on me. The song is giving DANITY everything. Think James Bond meets Michael Jackson. This has to be one of Daniel’s grooviest songs, and the stage performances were truly something else; we can’t stop hitting replay on those (no shame). Onto your playlist, it hopefully goes!

‘Intro (Through The Night)’ (2019)

This intro marks Daniel’s start as a solo artist. ‘Through The Night’ introduced fans to his first EP color on me and blew them away. This new solo Daniel was so new and exciting. The song’s purpose is to show off Daniel’s amazing dancing skills, and it has done its job. Also, for merely being 1:19 long, this track slaps.

‘What are you up to’ (2019)

‘What are you up to’ was Daniel’s lead single of his debut album color on me. This song is very special to fans and Daniel. After missing Daniel for a while DANITY finally got their precious boy back, and he debuted officially as a solo artist. And ‘What are you up to’ is an absolute bop to start his career with.

‘Jealous’ (2020)

‘Jealous’ is a b-side off of Daniel’s second EP CYAN, and even got the chance to be promoted on music shows! The song is an absolute jam and Daniel looks so cute and also like he is having so much fun performing it. We just had to recommend this song for your playlist!

‘Waves’ (2020)

‘Waves’ could have easily been named song of the summer! Kang Daniel released this beauty as a pre-release single for his third EP MAGENTA, and the collaborators on this bop of a song were just as amazing! We love that the line distribution of this song is so fairly done, and each of the artists gets their moment to shine. A real and true summer bop.

‘2U’ (2020)

2U‘ sadly flew a bit under the radar in March, but the title song of Daniel’s second EP CYAN does not have to hide. It is a great, catchy song and will put you in a good mood instantly. Daniel knows how to work his charm, and his versatility works in his favor when it comes to concepts. We love this bright concept on him!

‘Who U Are’ (2020)

Make way for the queen of title tracks! ‘Who U Are’ is the lead single off of Daniel’s latest album MAGENTA, and we know a bop when we hear one! Daniel not only looks amazing in this music video but also his singing and dancing are on point, and this trap-influenced summer song is an instant earworm! Add it to your playlist while you can.

‘Night’ (2020)

‘Night’ has to be one of Daniel’s best b-side tracks and is criminally underrated! Daniel is giving fans a beautiful, summer balled that just makes you feel loved and appreciated. His voice sounds like one of an angel, and his visuals are seriously no joke. We love this slow song from our favorite boy! More like this, please!

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Despite his discography being rather small and still growing Daniel doesn’t have a skip on any of his three EPs! All hail to Kang Daniel, we say! Never stop making such amazing music! So, what is your favorite Kang Daniel song? Which song is on top of your playlist to replay? Let us know by commenting below, tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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