Billie Eilish Dishes Out a Taste of Her Music Taste

Billie Eilish Dishes Out a Taste of Her Music Taste

Billie Eilish has been a fast-growing individual; we all know her and love her. She’s dabbled in many things, but her conversations with her father, Patrick O’Connell, are something interesting to behold. Who else better is there to influence and inspire your growth? While there have been many articles about Billie here at The Honey POP, we know of one certainty, Billie Eilish has style and taste when it comes to music. So what better way to spend the season than to bask in the greatness of her choices in holiday music. Frank Sinatra? Haven’t heard of him…

I really had to force myself not to make every single song in this playlist Frank Sinatra. And even though I tried, let’s see how many are Frank Sinatra in here. Not too many, but more than any of the other ones. At first, I had like 20 as Frank Sinatra and like six as other people. Frank Sinatra is one of my all time favorite artists. He is just so legendary and unbeatable, I feel like, indescribable, all of the above, and his voice is just magic to me and always reminds me of Christmas. So yeah, let’s get into some Frank Sinatra. I would say we should start with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Billie Eilish

If it isn’t obvious by now, Billie Eilish loves her some Frank Sinatra. Who wouldn’t, honestly? His voice is iconic. His songs? A soul touching and inspiring experience. We know Billie Eilish is a true musician. Not saying that every musician must adore Frank Sinatra, but she has a critical eye for music. Her interest in music goes beyond what is popular, and the choices are her own.

FINNEAS’ Christmas Song ‘Another Year’

Gotta hype up your brother, right? FINNEAS has always been there for Billie, and it’s great to see their professional relationship continue to grow and mature. She emphasizes listening to the lyrics; we love words at THP HQ, so maybe we should check it out? Have you?

Classic Christmas Music and Eartha Kitt’s ‘Santa Baby’

Speaking of ‘Santa Baby,’ we gotta mention our favorite version right now is by Nessa Barrett. If you want a nice twist on the classics and some Billie Eilish vibes (we didn’t plan this, we swear), head on over here. Billie Eilish gives us the best thoughtful responses. We can’t wait to head over and finish listening. Lucky for you, the full version came out on December 11th.

We gotta thank Apple Music for this one. Catch these clips here or head over here for the full thing on Billie’s me & dad radio. What was your favorite tease? Did you listen to the full thing? What’s your favorite Christmas song? Let us know on Twitter, @TheHoneyPOP, or Facebook, or Instagram!

Want to find the latest news on Billie Eilish? Check out here!


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