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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kuk Seungpyo On ‘Meaningless,’ YouTube, The Inspiration For His Music, And His Dream Collaboration

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kuk Seungpyo On ‘Meaningless,’ YouTube, The Inspiration For His Music, And His Dream Collaboration

We, here at THP, have had our eyes set on Kuk Seungpyo for a while now! The up-and-coming RnB artist is about to be the next big thing, and we can’t wait to see him grow. The singer started on his YouTube channel Just Reacts and has, from there, branched out to making music. Kuk Seungpyo has teamed up with plenty of producers across the world for his music, and it has resulted in some real bangers. We are obsessed!

Kuk Seungpyo’s latest single ‘Meaningless’ dropped at the beginning of the month, which we can’t seem to stop replaying! The song is supposed to bring comfort to everyone struggling with feelings of stress and pressure, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. ‘Meaningless’ went straight onto THP’s K-RnB playlist and has not left it since. We are hoping to get an EP from the singer soon or just more fantastic music in general.

Kuk Seung Pyo- Interview
Image Source: Courtesy of Gramophone Media, Inc

We were able to chat with Kuk Seungpyo about his new single ‘Meaningless,’ his journey, his dream collabs, and more. Check out our chat down below!

For any new fans, how would you introduce yourself and your music? If you could only pick one of your songs to describe you as an artist, which would you pick and why?
I’m a Korean singer-songwriter. I love and admire music from the U.S., and I make my music by mixing Korean music style and lyrics with the music that I’m influenced by. I will choose ‘REMAIN’ as a song that describes me well as an artist. This is the first song that I made by myself, and it is a song that I tried hard to represent my color.

You started vlogging on YouTube in 2019, what initially sparked your interest in making music? Who are the musical influences that you initially grew up on and paved your way?
I started YouTube in 2019 and I started making music with the admiration that I had towards the musicians. I was obsessed with Stevie Wonder’s music in particular and his music influenced me in many ways.

Kuk Seung Pyo- Interview
Image Source: Courtesy of Gramophone Media, Inc

Just Reacts is your YouTube channel and we can’t deny that we have been watching and loving your videos on there. What’s your process like when filming one of those videos and how do you think it helps on your musical journey?
Our editor films our videos and we do reactions based on songs that we’ve never heard before. As an independent artist, it is often very difficult to reach new listeners/fans. But I’m very thankful that many of our viewers get to know me as an artist and some even also became my fans.

You are heavily involved in the making of your music. What’s your creative process like? Can you take us through making a track with Kuk Seung Pyo?
I try not to get involved too much with making the overall track nowadays. I rather let my beat-makers work on the overall track. But I still work on the parts that I don’t like and continuously discuss with my beat-makers. And I make lyrics and topline all by myself.

You’ve been steadily releasing amazing singles with ‘Meaningless’ being your sixth single in total. Is there any chance we will get an EP or album soon? If so, which direction would you like to take it, musically?
I currently don’t have any plans to release an EP or album. It’s hard to promote my album and it also costs a lot to release an EP or album. That is why not a lot of independent artists be able to release an EP or album. If I get to release an EP, I would like to make all tracks except the title track very different from what I released before.

Kuk Seung Pyo- Interview
Image Source: Courtesy of Gramophone Media, Inc

You debuted with the phenomenal ‘Remain’ back in 2018 and have grown as an artist ever since. We are huge fans of K-R&B here and are wondering which K-R&B artist you’d love to work with if you had the chance?
I’m a huge fan of Jay Park. He’s my all-time favorite artist. I also love to collaborate with DEAN, jeebanoff, Crush, Offonoff, DPR IAN, and many others.

And you’ve had the chance to work with a lot of producers across the world. How have they influenced your view on your music? Has it changed from when you first started out and have you adapted to any special methods or techniques that you’ve learned?
It’s always fun to work with new producers because we all have different colors. I always end up making a whole new style of music when I work with other producers and it is fun to learn new methods/techniques.

How did your collaboration with Caleb Cruise come about, and where did the inspiration come from?
I heard his song on SoundCloud and I wanted to collaborate with him because I liked his music style so much. My music partner sent a DM to him and that’s how I got to collaborate with Caleb. 

‘Meaningless’ is meant to be a comfort for us all in these dark and uncertain times. We really think the song achieves that, it felt like a warm embrace and a shoulder to lean on. What is something that brings you comfort?
I love talking with my loved ones. It always comforts me when I spend time with my friends and families. I also love laying on the bed and listening to the music that I like.

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Your newest track also revolves around the idea of building pressure and fighting that feeling of uncertainty, is the theme inspired by your personal experience? How do you deal with the pressure that comes with living in the spotlight?
Yes, ‘Meaningless’ is based on my personal experience. I wanted to reflect on all the pressures and depression that I had through my music. I also wanted to comfort those that are going through hard times, especially during this COVID-19 period. I still don’t have a clear answer to overcome all the pressures. I made this song, expecting if it will save me from the pressures, but I am still trying to overcome it.

We loved chatting with Kuk Seungpyo and are looking forward to new music soon! Are you as excited as we are about new Kuk Seungpyo music? What’s your favorite song by the singer? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Gramophone Media, Inc., BiBi Lara, Jazmin Williams.

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