It Won’t Be ‘Meaningless’ For You To Pay Attention To Kuk Seungpyo

It Won’t Be ‘Meaningless’ For You To Pay Attention To Kuk Seungpyo

If you are looking for your new K-rnb fave, then keep on reading. We, here at THP, have your new K-rnb obsession right here! Kuk Seungpyo is just up and coming, but his talent is truly a treasure and should not stay hidden. Does Seungpyo being relatively new mean we are any less obsessed with him? No, we can’t get enough of Kuk Seungpyo, and luckily he just dropped his new song ‘Meaningless.’ 

Kuk Seungpyo ring familiar to you because of his Youtube Channel Just Reacts, where he reacts to new music from some of the best. Seungpyo has also been known under the stage name KUK HWA when he first released music! The singer debuted on November 15th, 2018, with his first single, ‘Remain,’ and has blessed fans’ ears with four more quality rnb singles. His sixth song, ‘Meaningless,’ is coming to fans today! Having delivered bops so far, our expectations for ‘Meaningless’ were relatively high, and we are not disappointed, especially when those red-colored lenses captured our attention during the music video! What a man Seungpyo is!

‘Meaningless’ feels like a hug during these dark and uncertain times. The feelings of uncertainty and that there is no one to lean on resonate throughout the song. We needed this sort of comfort in a beautiful piece like this. ‘Meaningless’ is made even better by combining synths, tones, and rhythmic beats with Seungpyo’s beautiful and melancholic vocals. The singer has a way to express his feelings beautifully and keep it groovy to bop while crying our hearts out. We are sure you have all certainly experienced the feeling of such extreme pressure that you were wondering if it all was even worth it. ‘Meaningless’ will be the shoulder to lean on when you feel like this.

We hope you love ‘Meaningless’ just as much as we do, and check out more of Seungpyo’s music here. The singer is well on his way to be a well-established R&B artist, with his western influences and giving fans all the groove! What’s your favorite Kuk Seungpyo song? What do you think about ‘Meaningless’? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Gramophone Media

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