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Exclusive Interview: MCND Talk To Us About Their Music, Future Concepts, AIs, And Who Would Survive In An Ice Age

Exclusive Interview: MCND Talk To Us About Their Music, Future Concepts, AIs, And Who Would Survive In An Ice Age

MCND are the K-POP rookies to watch! They debuted February 27th, 2020 with ‘ICE AGE’ and since then they have only kept growing. The rookies keep bringing out new content from dance covers to comebacks with amazing, hip-hop-inspired albums. There is already so much since the boys started feeding their fans, GEM, since pre-debut. We still have the group’s latest smash hit ‘Crush’ stuck in our heads and are highly anticipating the group’s next comeback.

Since the boys have increased their album sales with each comeback and MCND’s discography is so catchy you won’t be able to escape it once you took the dive. Their future seems bright! We are happy to see these rookies prosper into their own artistry and are excited about their future.

During their current downtime, we had the chance to chat with MCND and ask the super rookies a couple of questions! We loved hearing the boys’ thoughts on where their music and concept are going in the future! Check out our chat below.

Your name stands for “Music Creates New Dream,” what does that mean for each of you?
MCND: MCND is an acronym of ‘Music Creates New Dream, meaning “Creating new dreams through music.” We’ve achieved our own dream of becoming a singer and now have a new dream of promoting our music to a broader audience. Also, we wanted to be the artist who can inspire others who share the same dream with us.

Pre-debut some of your members participated in survival shows such as Under19 and The Fan. How did these experiences help you on your way to debut and now? Is there something you learned that you won’t ever forget? 
Minjae: Participating in such survival shows for the first time was both a nervous and exciting experience, but as a result, I think my dance and singing got much better. 
Huijun: Through those survival programs I’ve grown a lot and learned a lot. It was a great experience.  
Win: It was a great time, it taught me how to truly enjoy the stage. 

Image Source: Courtesy of Top Media

You are well known for your intense and amazing dance covers. Which cover has been your favorite to learn and why? Can you give us a hint about what cover we can look forward to next? 
Castle J: A Soothing voice of Minjae and Huijun.
BIC: We’ve got a new Hip-Hop song! Tune in Gems!
Minjae: Monster?
Huijun: Long-anticipated Minjae and Huijun’s song?
Win: Amazing choreography!

So far you have experimented a lot in the hip-hop genre since the rappers in the group are really strong. What other genres would you like to explore in the future? Is there a particular concept you’d like to try? 
Castle J: I really wanted to try R&B and rock music. Explosive and refreshing concept.
BIC: It’s embarrassing, but I wanted to try a sexy concept once!!
Minjae: I want to try R&B.
Huijun: Before entering my 20’s, I wanted to try a bright concept one more time.
Win: At the moment, I want to focus on our hip-hop genre and making it cooler.

The seniors in your company are the legendary Top Teen and Up10tion. So, since you are still rookies and about to follow in their footsteps, is there any advice the members gave you pre-debut? Is there a song by them you wished was yours? 
Castle J: I’ll choose Teen Top’s ‘No More Perfume On You,’ it’s my personal favorite.
BIC: ‘Rocking’ from Teen top. We can play along with the song as well as Teen top.
Minjae: Each and every song from our seniors is great.
Huijun: I wish Teen Top’s ‘Rocking’ was our own song.
Win: I think all songs from our company’s seniors are great. We aspire to become the singer whose songs are covered by all other singers.

You were one of the first groups to introduce and use online fan signs during the start of the pandemic. How did you come up with that concept? Do you want to continue to meet fans online and offline once the pandemic is over? Any funny stories?
MCND: It was a whole new experience carrying out our fan sign online. After seeing other artists following our method, we felt so good as if we’ve become a pioneer. Recently we’ve done an offline meetup. Meeting our fans, was very nerve-wracking. But it was a valuable moment for us to speak and communicate with them face to face. I guess after Covid-19 we will do this a lot more. I can’t wait to show our stage and meet our foreign fans as well.

We also noted that during one of your comeback showcases an AI was actually hosting it. That’s pretty cool but also a bit scary! What was the experience like?  
MCND: It was a both surprising and fun experience. We guess it was a challenge that fits well with our album concept. It was quite awkward and we are worried as it was such a unique way but all in all, we pulled it off quite successfully


If you were given the chance to completely write and produce a song by yourselves? What would the song be about?
Castle J: I have some songs that I’ve written. Look forward to it. I’ll produce a lot more beautiful and powerful songs.
BIC: I want to produce a song with swagger or that with a dream-like melody on it.
Minjae: I want to produce a lead-vocal focused song or R&B song which I like.
Huijun: I want to make a song with a good melody and bass line.
Win: Regardless of the genre, I want to make a song that represents MCND’s color.

You’ve recently celebrated your first year since debut. What are some of your precious memories from the past year as a group?
MCND: The first day of our debut. And our first concert and online concert GEM AGE is also one of our precious memories. Also receiving 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Rookie Award was a memorable event as well. We are looking forward to making more precious memories with our fans in the future

Since your first EP was called into The ICE Age which of your members do you think is most likely to survive in an ice age?
Castle J: Minjae! He could eat a whole bear.
BIC: Minjae, of course. He doesn’t even catch a cold, he’s strong, he will survive well.
Minjae: ME.
Huijun: Minjae, l can see him breaking the ice and catch fish.
Win: Minjae, he’s strong.

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Your latest album is called MCND Age. How would you describe this age of MCND? What are your future goals and what do you hope people take away from your music? 
MCND: MCND Age is an album with an aspiration to lead our own generation. With that said we want to show our music and performance to you. We will work hard to make our name known and our music listened to.

This was incredibly fun, wasn’t it? We had the best time chatting with these five boys and if you don’t stan MCND yet, now should be your time! Also, make sure to listen to MCND Age if you haven’t yet, It’s a good one!

Are you part of GEM? What did you think about ‘Crush?’ Would you be able to survive in an Ice Age? What’s your favorite song by MCND? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Top Media Entertainment

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