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Exclusive Interview: Topic Talks All Things ‘Breaking Me’ & ‘Chain My Heart’

Exclusive Interview: Topic Talks All Things ‘Breaking Me’ & ‘Chain My Heart’

If Topic isn’t on your radar yet, that’s all about to change. Topic is a DJ, producer, and musician from Germany. He shot to fame with his track ‘Home’ and has been killing it ever since. We have been such huge fans of a plethora of Topic’s work, and he always chooses the perfect tracks to work on.

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Recently we’ve been lucky enough to get to chat with him about all the goings-on in his life. We chatted about his newest track, ‘Chain My Heart’ with our girl Bebe Rexha, as well as his hit track ‘Breaking me.’ We really enjoyed this interview and hope that you guys do as well!

Stream ‘Chain My Heart’ by Bebe Rexha and Topic here!

Image Source: David Montes Aldea

Your most recent track is ‘Chain My Heart’ with Bebe Rexha! How did that collaboration come about? What was the process of working with Bebe like?
We started making the track last summer in Stockholm. We immediately thought the song would need a female voice and also thought it must be someone who’s got a little “swag” or attitude in her voice as it’s not the usual pop-dance song. Bebe actually was the first name, which instantly popped up in our heads. It’s very rare that the artist you really want to have on the track from the get-go really ends up on it so I’m really happy! She then was super involved and brought up great ideas also regarding the upcoming music video.

Image Source: David Montes Aldea

And ‘Chain My Heart’ is written by yourself and Bebe along with two other collaborators. Where did you draw inspiration for the song from? Was the writing process a long one? Or did it all come together rather quickly?
A7S, who has been my writing partner for a couple of years now, was also involved in writing this track. Together with Petter Tarland, we started working on it last summer in Sweden. The process of writing a song always starts with a melody for me and then with lyrics, which are mostly gibberish at first. From that Petter came up with the idea of ‘Chain My Heart’ for the title. We thought it was an unusual one but gave us a lot of room for the story straight away so it was a very quick process from then on.

‘Breaking Me’ with A7S was a huge track for you! What was a standout moment when you knew that track was really catching on?
What really stood out to me was the continuous streaming rate of the track in the first days. Usually, the streaming rate drops quite a bit on the first two days (Saturday, Sunday) after the release, which is totally normal. But with ‘Breaking Me’ it remained constant and then started growing. I had never experienced such a development up until that point in my entire career as a producer and artist.

Collaborating with A7S  is something you’re no stranger to! How did that relationship come to be?
We got to know each other in a songwriting session, basically hit it off straight away, and have been working together ever since. Over the past years, we have gone on many songwriting trips and have become very good friends. He is also the only one I can productively work with remotely. We have a very similar mindset and working together is really fun and easy.

Image Source: David Montes Aldea

Your career really started on social media! What advice would you give musicians who are currently trying to make it in the industry using the same tool? Do you think it’s easier now than when you started?
Making my music available through YouTube was a really good tool for me as it’s easy to reach a lot of people and you get direct feedback. Also Twitter! But to be honest, I’m not so keen on social media how it is today, that’s why you don’t find me filming throughout the day. It seems like everyone is showing the same stuff.

With live music coming back into play, what are you most looking forward to about getting back on stage?
I’m most looking forward to playing my songs in front of a real crowd. Especially tracks like ‘Breaking Me,’ which are known globally but I haven’t had the chance to play on stage yet due to the pandemic. I can’t wait to be on stage and see & feel how the crowd reacts to them.

After the last year and a half of being without live music, we are all itching to hear live music again! Is there an act or a festival you are most looking forward to checking out?
I am really looking forward to going to underground parties and checking out some cool techno clubs. Let me know which ones to check out in the US!

Being a DJ yourself obviously, there are other people in the space you are inspired by! We know Avicii was a huge one for you! What is it about his music that you latched onto?
Yes, but also acts like Swedish House Mafia and Martin Garrix. Their style of EDM/progressive house had me hyped and got me hooked to it. For me, Avicii is the true pioneer of this style though. There was hardly anyone who made such memorable melodies as he did.

If someone has never heard your music before and you had to show them one song as a first impression what song would that be? And why?
Definitely ‘Breaking Me!’ As that track would introduce them to “melancholic dance music” the best. That is the style I’ve defined for myself and has become my signature style and sound over the past few years.

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You’ve remixed some incredible tracks (we play your Surf Mesa “ily” remix constantly!) what is one track you haven’t worked on but would love to?
Tough one! ‘Lean On’ or ‘Don´t You Worry Child.’

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Featured Image Source: David Montes Aldea | THP Graphic Design Team Andreea Farcas

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