YRGP Hit Cafe Erzulie: If Your Grandparents Were Cool

YRGP Hit Cafe Erzulie: If Your Grandparents Were Cool

YRGP hit Cafe Erzulie for a night fresh with tracks, genres, and best of all: moves. How would we describe YRGP?: if our grandparents were cool. And we love every minute of it.

Haven’t heard of YRGP? Here’s the DL. Stream their latest album, Thru My Window on Soundcloud, and share your thoughts. FYI: We’re on a major kick for up-and-coming acts: check out our interview with Weathers: only on THP.

(P.S. – we’re absolutely loving Your Grandparents’ video for ‘Sunlight‘.)

Fresh off the release of ‘Thru My Window,’ YRGP crushed their set at Cafe Erzulie and did the venue right. The night started with a high-energy single ’Red Room’ off of Your Grandparents’ Thru My Window and got the audience ready for a chill, funky set to celebrate the album’s release.

Calling back to their first release ‘Been Cold,’ YRGP slowed down the night with crowd favorites ‘Been Thru’ and ‘Overthinkin’ and kept the crowd on their toes for what was next.

Unpredictable, full of surprises and range: YRGP is the group that keeps us guessing, but wanting more.

Set List:
  • ‘Red Room’
  • ‘Intoxicated’
  • ‘Comfortable 
  • ‘Tomorrow’
  • ‘So Damn Fly’
  • ‘Sunlight’
  • ‘Overthinkin’
  • ‘Been Thru’
  • ‘Digest’
  • ‘Down The Road’
  • ‘Past Love’

What’s your favorite YRGP track? We wanna hear it! Tweet us @thehoneypop!

Want even more live music excitement? We gotchu!


Featured Image Source: Hillary Safadi for The Honey POP

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