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Exclusive Interview: Michael Aldag Talks All Things ’Tonsillitis’

Exclusive Interview: Michael Aldag Talks All Things ’Tonsillitis’

It’s not often that we come across an artist and can automatically tell they were meant to tell stories through music. That’s exactly how we felt upon first discovering Michael Aldag. His smooth, beautiful voice, mixed with his relationship to his pen, is a recipe for sure success.

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Since first hearing ‘Tonsillitis’ we’ve been obsessed! There is something so raw where you can just completely tell his whole heart is in this. It must be something in the water in the United Kingdom because all artists that come from there have this incredible way with words!

We got to chat with Michael Aldag all about our current favorite track ‘Tonsillitis’ and dive into when he knew songwriting was an outlet for his emotions. We really love this conversation and hope you do as well!

Michael Aldag has a new song out called ‘Ghosted’ which you can stream here!

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At its core ‘Tonsillitis’ is a breakup song, what are some songs that have helped you through a breakup in the past?
Well at the time of the breakup mentioned in ’Tonsillitis,’ I was listening to a lot of Phoebe Bridgers, and I hope that shows in the song because she is amazing. I remember listening to her album Punisher and crying a lot. I hope my song can make someone cry a lot too, but in a good way.

You’ve said that the way you cope with being in a clouded headspace is by writing, when was it that you discovered this was an outlet for you?
I have indeed said that! I first realized that when I started writing at 14. From then on, writing has been a consistent outlet of any emotion, negative or positive. With regards to ’Tonsillitis,’ it’s saved me from embarrassing myself by lashing out or gossiping with people because I can instead find some solace in voicing my feelings in a song without doing any of that. I am grateful for that.

You’ve described ‘Tonsillitis’ as “one of the most personal songs you’ve written” does that make a song easier, or harder to finish writing when it’s so personal? Do you have to get back into the headspace of when you were going through that situation?
I wrote ’Tonsillitis’ about a year before its release, and only a few weeks after the split, so I was very much still in the headspace. But because of the situation being so raw and personal, I think that made it easier to write as it was more a stream of consciousness than anything else.

When you’re sharing songs that are so personal, like ‘Tonsillitis’ or ‘Divorce,’ is there an element of nerves that comes with that? Releasing something that cuts so deep for you?
Definitely! I always get so nervous releasing any song, hoping that people will like it, enjoy it, and not think it’s rubbish! But yes, especially with those tracks as they are so personal, it’s almost strange releasing it out into the world. But the songs aren’t mine anymore, they belong to anyone who listens to them.

Your musical journey started with the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir, how did being part of that shape who you are as an artist?
I owe the Liverpool Philharmonic a lot in terms of growing my musicality, and it gave my first experience of performing in some amazing places. I have to be honest though, I was quite young when I was there and maybe spent more time vigorously hating Benjamin Britton than soaking up said experiences, but I can look back on it happily now.

Amazon Music added you to their ‘Fresh Pop’ playlist, if you had to make a playlist full of ‘Fresh Pop’ what songs would we be seeing on there?
They very kindly did!!! Hmmm, that’s tough. I think No Rome would make up the majority of it, I’ve been listening to loads of his stuff recently, I’m very jealous of how good it is. I think Holly Humberstone too, her new music is fantastic.

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Tiktok has been a huge platform for you! What do you think it is that has made the app such an incredible launching pad for so many artists?
I have no idea! TikTok is a wild and wonderful thing that I am extremely grateful for but I cannot claim to have any inside knowledge on how it does what it does – I just try to have fun on there!

We know seeing The Killers live was a formative moment for you! Now that the world is slowly opening back up, are there any live shows you’re looking forward to catching?
I’m going to see Headie One in November – I can’t wait for that. I’m also going to see Tom Jones with my Grandma soon too!! And I CANNOT wait to be able to perform again at my shows in September, that will be so amazing (for me anyway!)

When you look back at ‘Entitled’ and compare the artist you were then to the artist you are now who just released ‘Tonsillitis’ what is the biggest difference you see?
I think that back then I had an idea of what I wanted to do and be but didn’t know how exactly I could achieve what was in my head, but now, with the help of some amazing and very kind people, I’m beginning to execute my ideas and visions and I am so grateful for that. I can’t wait to keep going and keep getting bigger and better, fingers crossed!

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Our favorite lyric from ‘Tonsillitis’ is “Pity is a stronger feeling than pain” if you had to break the track down and pick your favorite lyric what would that be?
Thank you very much! I’m very glad you like that one!! I might have to agree to be honest, just because it makes me sound all sage and full of wisdom 😉

Now that we have ‘Tonsillitis’, what can fans look forward to in the future? Anything in the works?
SO MUCH STUFF!!!! The next release, ‘Ghosted’ is around the corner, it’s very different from ‘Tonsillitis’ but one of my favorite songs. Then there is a Christmas release in the offing. There are also some shows in September!!! I CANNOT wait for them – I’ve just finished rehearsing with my fantastic band and it’s been very fun, I just have to make sure to remember the words now!!!

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