Elder Island Go ‘feral’ In Glasgow!

Elder Island Go ‘feral’ In Glasgow!

Elder Island are one of our favorite bands at the moment. With each of their releases, we get more and more excited over their creativity. So when we found out they were set to make a pit stop at Glasgow’s Classic Grand we were beside ourselves with glee!

Still riding high off their sophomore release Swimming Static, Katy Sargent, Luke Thorton, and David Harvard brought their A-game to Scotland. As life gets closer and closer to normality, their distinctive haunting synthy sound filling a historic venue full of people dancing was exactly what we needed at THP HQ.

First up was Bristol-based Harvey Causon. Despite one (or maybe two) venue sound issues, he crushed his set. Serving us lo-fi bops and melodic vocals with a side serving of boyish charm you can bet we’ll be catching him at shows in the future!

But then it was time for the main act. Waltzing onto the stage through the haze and fog, Katy, Luke and David all take up their sides of the stage. Stood in such an intimate venue, instead of Kings and Queens in a great hall we could close our eyes and feel as though we were at a family reunion. After spending much of 2019 out on the road touring their debut album, The Omnitone Collection, we really did feel like we were back dancing around with friends!

Set List: 
  • ‘feral’ 
  • ‘Kape Fear’ 
  • ‘Sphinxes’ 
  • ‘canonball’ 
  • ‘wasteland’ 
  • ‘blackfur’ 
  • ‘trailblazer’ 
  • ‘welcome state’ 
  • ‘big unknown’ 
  • ‘purely’ 
  • ‘bamboo’ 
  • ‘queen of kings’ 

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Featured Image Source and Gallery: Sophie McCarthy for The Honey POP

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