We Saw Isaac Dunbar On His First Headline Tour In Cambridge!

We Saw Isaac Dunbar On His First Headline Tour In Cambridge!

We caught Isaac Dunbar on his first-ever headlining tour at the Sonia last Tuesday in Cambridge, MA, and let us just say: if you’ve never seen him live, you definitely need to. You could say this was Isaac’s “hometown show” since he is from Massachusetts, and we were so honored to be a part of such a special sold-out show for him (and for us!). We even got to sing happy birthday to his Mimi who was in attendance. There were many intimate moments like this during the show since the venue was pretty small, so everything felt extra special.

Isaac started the show off right with ‘fan behavior,’ which was a great introduction to who Isaac is as he danced around the stage and sang to fans. During the show, we got to see both the energetic and serious sides of Isaac, all the way from ‘pink party‘ to ‘suicide.’ We also got to hear a brand new, unreleased song called ‘bleach,’ and we cannot wait to hear the studio version now!

Mamii opened for Isaac with an amazing set including one of her most popular songs ‘Intimate’ which showcased her voice and talent perfectly. From our short time with her, we could tell she was super sweet and loved being up there performing for us.

Isaac Dunbar Setlist
‘fan behavior’
‘love, or the lack thereof’
‘pink party’
‘bleach’ (unreleased song)
‘scorton’s creek’
‘intimate moments’
‘comme des garçons (like the boys)’
‘kissy kissy’
‘blueberry brows’
‘makeup drawer’

Make sure to check out Isaac’s newest EP evil twin and get tickets to his UK tour that starts in November! Let us know your favorite song of his on Twitter at @thehoneypop or visit our Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source and Gallery: Angela DeVietro for The Honey POP

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